Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1133

At that moment, a stern middle-aged man walked into the VIP ward. He was wearing a pair of golden-rimmed glasses while his brown-black hair made him look exceptionally energetic. That man was Walter.

When Fabian saw him, he greeted him with a smile. “Dr. Warren, you’re here.”

Meanwhile, Lyna’s eyes flashed with hatred for a fleeting moment.

So, you are the old fool who foiled my plans. You should have stayed in the capital and not meddle in my business.

Lyna hated him for exposing the anesthesiologist. If not for the potential trouble, she would have exacted her revenge on him.

“I’m sure everything is alright?” Walter asked while beaming.

“Nothing at the moment. However, I’m worried if there will be any side effects. Why don’t you take a look?” Gillian interjected before Fabian could say a word.

Gillian cared a lot for Hannah. Although Hannah now knew that she wasn’t her biological mom, both of them still spent a long time with each other.

“Don’t worry, based on her condition, I believe she will be fully recovered in a week. There won’t be any side effects,” Walter replied as he looked at Hannah.

“Mmm-hmm. In that case, thank you very much, doctor.” Just as she spoke, she shot a glance at Hendrick who was standing right beside her.

Hendrick quickly regained his senses and smiled broadly. “Doctor, thank you for everything you have done. This is a small token of our appreciation. I hope you will accept it.”

Just as he spoke, Hendrick brought out an envelope from his pocket. Stepping forward, he stuffed it into Walter’s hands.

Walter didn’t know how to react to what Hannah’s adopted parents did. He shook his head and rejected them, “Haha, the Norton family and I are old friends. This is nothing but a small favor, so don’t think too much of it.”

Hendrick and Gillian looked visibly awkward after being rejected by Walter. Exchanging glances, they held onto the envelope and didn’t know what to do.

The Young family weren’t well off. Hence, they would usually self-medicate for any minor sickness or visit lower-end hospitals for anything major. After they had heard about the practice of doctors accepting monetary gifts, they decided to give one to Walter. Little did they expect Walter to refuse them and wondered if it was because major hospitals had no such practice.

As Lyna stared at both of them with her arms folded, she didn’t bother to hide the contempt on her face. As expected, they are just country bumpkins. Nowadays, who gives monetary gifts anymore? It’s extremely old-fashioned. Furthermore, no one gives it after the operation. If not for Fabian, your daughter would have died the moment she stepped into the operating theatre. I wouldn’t even have to do anything then.

“Mrs. Young, Dr. Warren is a friend. You’re making him feel like a stranger by doing that.” Fabian quickly came to their rescue when he saw the Youngs in a spot.

When Gillian saw that Fabian was all smiles, she beamed with pride. “Hannah is really lucky to have a boyfriend like you.”

Hannah’s heart sank when she heard her secret revealed. With so many people in the room, the news would definitely spread like wildfire. She surmised that she would no longer have time for anything else as she would have her hands full from dealing with all the ladies who wanted to marry Fabian.

“Mom, that’s nonsense. He is not. How is it possible that he likes me?” Hannah was still weak but tried her best to protest. She didn’t want to become famous and preferred to keep her relationship discreet.

When she heard what Hannah said, Lyna’s frown eased. As I have said, there’s no way Fabian would be interested in a lowly lady like you. It now seems that it’s all one-sided on your part. Your mom has a good plan, but does she really think it’s enough to make you Fabian’s partner? Stop dreaming.

Gillian was suddenly confused. Didn’t he just admit yesterday that he was your boyfriend? Did both of you break up today? That doesn’t make sense. If you did, why would he be so concerned for you?

“Yesterday, didn’t you…”

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