Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1136

Shaking his head, Fabian replied helplessly, “I thought of that too and have sent men to investigate. Unfortunately, nothing came up. The anesthesiologist just has a habit of going to the men’s room before an operation and has been doing so for years. Therefore, there may not be a mole as it’s not difficult to find out about one’s longstanding habits.”

Having heard what Fabian said, Hannah no longer had any leads. Hence, she couldn’t help but ask, “Who can it be then?”

“There’s no need to be overly worried. As I have foiled their plans, I’m sure they will lie low going forward.”

After hesitating a moment, Fabian lowered his voice and whispered, “With regards to the fanatic, only a prominent family is able to have trained them. The Blackwood family has only been doing well in recent years, therefore there’s no way he was under their employ. In that case, the fanatic can only come from one other place, the black market. Consequently, I have sent men to infiltrate it to investigate. Hence, all we need to do is wait as it’s just a matter of time before we find out.”

“The black market? Why can’t it be a fanatic from other families?” Hannah asked again.

“A fanatic from a prominent family would not work for the Blackwood family for no reason. Furthermore, they can easily find out that I’m involved in this matter. Given that I’m your man, they would likely stay away on my account,” Fabian commented cheekily despite the worried look he had.

“Sheesh!” Hannah couldn’t help but roll her eyes at him. After that, she glanced in Winson’s direction. When she saw the grimacing expression on his face, she couldn’t help but feel worried.

Since an attempt had been made on their lives, Hannah believed that a second and third incident was just a matter of time. What is Winson going to do if I’m not by his side? If something happened to him, how am I going to face my mom?

But this isn’t the first time he was harmed. So how did he survive all this while?

Fabian sympathized with Hannah when he saw the sorrowful look in her eyes. As he threaded his fingers with hers and caressed her cheeks with the other hand, he reassured her, “Alright now, stopped worrying. He is your brother and by extension my brother too. I will watch over him from now on.”

Hannah couldn’t help but feel touched. Fabian has been extremely caring over the last two days. Has he fallen in love with me? Furthermore, he keeps insisting that I wear the bracelet Heather gave me. Does he plan to not divorce me anymore?

Holding that thought, she subconsciously looked at the bracelet she was wearing. For some unknown reason, it looked even more exquisite to her now.

“I suggest you think about how you are going to convince him that you are his sister. When he awakes, he won’t know who you are. Therefore, you have to explain to him in the simplest terms possible. Moreover, you also have to dispel any of his doubts about your identity,” Fabian reminded.

Hannah was too focused on finding the one responsible for harming her brother that she forgot about this matter.

Convince him that I’m his sister without any doubt? The only way we are connected is through our parents. Therefore, to convince him that ‘I’m his sister, I have to first convince him that we are borne of the same mother. However, there’s no way I can prove that. I have never even met her before, let alone prove it. Hannah was in a fix as she looked at Fabian, pleading for his help.

Why is this silly gal so foolish all of a sudden? Fabian remarked helplessly, “Isn’t the fact that your bone marrow matches evidence enough? Also, did you have anything on you when you were abandoned? You can use that as proof too.”

That’s right! Why didn’t I think of it? I’m really stupid! Hannah wanted to tap herself on her head but realized that she couldn’t move at all. Taking a look, she saw that Fabian was still holding onto her hand.

Clearing her throat, she added, “What you said reminded me of something. When I was young, I had a piece of jewelry that looked expensive. I got my mom to sell it a few times when we were really broke. However, she refused to do so but never did tell me why. All she said was that I should never sell it no matter how poor we are. I figured it must be what I had on me when I was found. Therefore, she was adamant about not selling it.”

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