Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1137

The more she thought about it, the more she felt that her deduction was correct. In her mind, the image of Little Fish, which was a red jewel in the shape of a fish, emerged. She figured that it was bought for her by her biological mother. Given how busy Leo was, he definitely would not have time for her. Even if he did, he would be spending it with his mistress instead. As the thought flashed across her mind, Hannah couldn’t help but hate Leo further.

At the same time, she was curious as to how her biological mom was like.

At that moment, a feeble voice rang out in the room, “Is what you just said true?”

“Duh! Why should I lie? Just for the sake of teasing you?” Hannah snapped before it struck her that the one who just spoke wasn’t Fabian.

Before she could regain her sense, the feeble voice continued, “Are you really my sister?”

Hannah turned her head aside and looked at Winson in disbelief. At the same time, her gaze locked with his clear bottomless eyes.

Hannah’s voice trembled. “Winson, it’s me. I’m your biological sister!”

Just as she spoke, Hannah attempted to sit up but hardly had any strength to do so. Realizing what she was trying to do, Fabian quickly pulled her upper body up and put a pillow behind her back. After that, he used the same method to help Winson sit up.

Winson stared silently at Hannah for a long while before mustering all his strength to call out, “We have finally reunited.”

His face cringed a little as tears welled up in his eyes. His recently formed Adam’s apple began bobbing up and down as if he was struggling to choose from among the thousands of things he wanted to say. Overwhelmed by the moment, his body trembled emotionally.

Touched by his response, Hannah burst out in tears. “Yes!”

Fabian took two pieces of tissue from the table and sat down beside Winson. Helping him wipe his cheeks gently, he comforted him, “It’s alright now. Your sister is right opposite you. You can see her every day from now on.”

With his lips still pale, Winson tried hard not to choke. Nodding his head with conviction, he responded, “Mmm-hmm.”

Staring at Winson, Hannah asked, “Were you awake the whole time?”

Winson replied, “No, I just woke up a short while ago. The moment I opened my eyes, I heard this man say how you should explain who you are to me. Since I don’t know both of you, I decided to stay silent.”

When she realized Winson didn’t hear their earlier conversation, Hannah heaved a sigh of relief. Given how young Winson was, she didn’t want him to know the true extent of their predicament. It wasn’t a burden a sixteen-year-old boy should shoulder.

“Hmm, in that case, how did you know that I’m your sister?” Hannah asked curiously.

“I was certain of it after hearing you talk about Little Fish,” Winson replied.

“Hmm?” Hannah was surprised. Did my biological mom really buy Little Fish for me?

“When I was young, Mom told me before that I had a sister. But she was lost at a young age.” Winson let out a long sigh. After taking two more breaths, he continued, “She said that you were carrying with you a pendant she bought, which was the Little Fish you spoke about. She instructed me to use it to identify you when I find you.”

Just as he spoke, Winson straightened his posture as if he wanted to pick something up. However, he hardly had any strength to do so.

Fabian stood up quickly. “Let me help you.”

“Mister, please remove the thing I’m wearing on my neck,” Winson requested.

Fabian reached his hands around but furrowed his eyebrows instead. “There’s nothing there.”

“How is that possible? I have always been wearing it. Did I lose it?” Winson couldn’t believe what he heard as he tried hard to raise his hand to search.

“You have just gone through an operation. Perhaps your dad has kept it for you,” Hannah remarked when she saw how anxious Winson was.

Winson’s mind was put at ease when he realized he didn’t lose it. Looking at Hannah, he explained, “Actually, I have one too. Mom said that it came as a pair when she bought it. Mine is male while yours is female. She hoped that it will bring me good luck for my future while yours will bring you happiness.”

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