Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1138

Hannah had mixed feelings upon listening to him. She made up her mind to always wear the Little Fish that symbolized freedom.

Winson felt silent once he finished. As he stared at Hannah, he was seemingly at a loss. The next moment, he heaved a sigh and began sobbing.

Hannah was nonplussed and asked anxiously, “Winson, what’s wrong? Why are you crying?”

He replied sobbingly, “I… I missed.. Mom.”

Hannah’s heart sank upon hearing that. After all, Winson had never experienced his mother’s love except when he was very young.

“It’s okay, Winson. Don’t cry. I’m here with you.” She had never consoled a child before. Moreover, since Winson was already a seventeen-year-old teenager, she could only comfort him with a few simple words. A moment later, she added, “Winson, I can’t recall anything about our mom. Can you please share some of it with me?”

Winson nodded and murmured a response.

After Fabian wiped away Winson’s tears for him, Winson said, “Mom was tall and liked to wear…”

As he was explaining, an image slowly formed in Hannah’s mind. A woman with long and black hair and wore a snowy-white long dress. She carried Winson with one of her hands while holding Hannah’s hand with the other. Besides, she looked outstanding among the crowd.

“Mom must be beautiful, right?” Hannah couldn’t help but ask based on her imagination.

“Yes, Mom is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen,” Winson answered seriously.

Knock, knock! When someone knocked on the door, Fabian said, “Come in.”

“Mr. and Mrs. Norton.” Amelia came in with a big wooden box, which Fabian specifically asked her to prepare.

Fabian was thoughtful enough by instructing Amelia to put two sets of dishes in the box, one of which was prepared for Winson.

“Amelia, both of them are feeble now. Can you please feed Winson?” Fabian said to Amelia when he was turning the crank of Hannah’s bed.

“No problem, Mr. Norton.” Then, she came to Hannah and said caringly, “Mrs. Norton, you’ve to eat more because you’re still feeble after undergoing surgery.”

Hannah nodded gently. Deep down, she felt sorry for Winson because Leo didn’t get a caring housemaid to take care of him. Otherwise, Winson could have a more comfortable life.

Fabian put all the dishes neatly on the table. Once he opened the package, Hannah saw that herbs were added to the dishes, including pork broth soup.

After that, Fabian slowly fed Hannah with the dishes and soup.

Hannah didn’t refuse to have park bone soup even though she used to hate it. Unexpectedly, she even felt that the soup tasted a little sweet and refreshing.

Also, Hannah felt she would be satisfied if a man was willing to set aside his work to take care of her whenever she was sick for the rest of her life.

Her lips unknowingly curled into a smile of happiness. Meanwhile, Winson was chowing down the food. Since Hannah said that this young man was her younger brother, Amelia was happy to see him.

Soon, both of them finished all the food, and Hannah even burped aloud. As Fabian fed her just now, she had the appetite to have two bowls of pork bone soup, which she used to loathe.

“Alright, I’ve to leave now. I’ll prepare dinner for you later.” Amelia put on a smile and said to Winson.

“Okay.” Winson nodded. Deep in his heart, he had a good impression of Amelia. His mother passed away when he was very young. Even though Leo cared about Winson, he only gave Winson some money so that Winson could take care of himself. As such, Winson felt touched now because someone suddenly fed him and kept asking if he was fine.

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