Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1140

“Well, if you don’t treat Hannah well… I’ll… I’ll get my friends to beat you up! That’s right. We’ll beat you!” Winson said stammeringly after pondering over it for quite some time.

He initially wanted to say that he would beat Fabian by himself. Nonetheless, judging from Fabian’s height and strong arms, he believed that he was no match for Fabian.

Meanwhile, Hannah was rendered speechless. How dare you ask your friends to beat him? I mean, almost no one on earth dares to lay a finger on the president of Phoenix Group!

“He’s just a kid. Please don’t take his words seriously,” she explained to him awkwardly. Although Fabian wouldn’t mind, she still felt that what Winson said was inappropriate. After all, Winson was already a teenager and not a kid anymore.

However, Fabian didn’t mind at all; instead, his lips curled into a smile. He raised his eyebrows and pretended to be afraid. “In that case, I really have to treat Hannah well.”

“Alright, do your best. I trust you,” Winson said to Fabian proudly.

Again, Hannah was rendered speechless. Why did Fabian even entertain him? She was surprised that Fabian would entertain Winson and regretted that she didn’t record what he said. If she had done so, she could play the recording whenever Fabian wanted to bully her. It will be a slap in his face!

“By the way, who took the initiative to ask the other out? Was it you or Hannah?” Winson asked Fabian, eager to know the answer.

Fabian took a glass of water from the table and took a sip of it. As if he wanted to engage in a long conversation, he asked intently, “Hmm, who took the initiative? Make a guess.”

Humph! It looks like you are about to brag to Winson about how excellent you were and how I courted you. Winson will not believe you! After all, my brother will always stand by me!

Hannah shot Fabian a disdainful glare, thinking that he was about to talk nonsense to Winson.

Winson glanced at Fabian and Hannah repeatedly. A moment later, he knitted his brows and said hesitantly, “I really don’t know the answer. You’re handsome, and Hannah is also beautiful.”

However, when he met Fabian’s doubtful eyes, he was startled and said, “Hmm, Hannah is considered pretty even if she might not be a classic beauty. Did Hannah ask you out?”

Hannah was a little pissed off. What? Why did he chicken out? I had so much hope for you and even praised you, but you chose to shame me instead!

At the same time, she kept recalling if it was her or Fabian who took the initiative.

The fact was that both of them didn’t take the initiative. They were together because both of their families urged them to marry as soon as possible.

Strictly speaking, it was Fabian who courted Hannah first because he came to discuss the contract with her in the first place.

“Wow, you’re good at guessing!” Fabian paused for a while, deliberately holding him in suspense. “You’re right. Your sister asked me out first.”

Hannah almost wanted to lash at him upon hearing that. How shameless you are! How dare you claim that I asked you out! I signed the contract with you only because you were overbearing and didn’t give me a chance to reject your proposal! Humph! Lying to a kid is the best you can do.

“Really? Did I make the right guess? How did Hannah ask you out?” Winson gazed at Fabian with his expressive face and his round eyes, as though he couldn’t wait to listen to the story.

Humph! Just keep pretending! Let’s see how you can make up stories to cover your lies! Hannah was disgruntled after hearing what Fabian said. As such, she wanted to wait until he made a fool out of himself.

However, he would not qualify as a successful entrepreneur if he couldn’t even make up a perfect story. He looked up at the ceiling for a while as if he was reminiscing. A moment later, he began to share his version of the story.

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