Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1142

The deliveryman apologized once again before leaving the ward.

“Winson, do you still have the appetite for the soup? Fish soup is good for your recovery.” Hannah was full now. Since Winson had quite a lot of food, Hannah thought he probably couldn’t eat more as well.

“Me? I can’t eat more food now. Since the soup is good for our health, we should have it later. We should have a few bowls of soup to recover as soon as possible and hang out together,” he said while looking at his round belly.

“Sure,” she thought for a while and continued, “Winson.”

“What is it?”

“No one knows about the marriage between Fabian and me yet except you. So, can you please don’t tell anyone? This is the secret among the three of us,” Hannah reminded Winson.

He looked up and gave it some thought for a while before he replied, “Okay.”

The next moment, he continued to ask, “But you have to tell me the reason.”

Hannah thought about it and replied, “I can’t explain it in a few words. Anyway, this is only temporary. We will announce our relationship once the time is right.”

She didn’t even know where to start to explain the matter to Winson. Moreover, it was possible that they would get a divorce anytime. As such, she hoped to conceal their marriage for as long as possible.

On the other hand, Winson was a little upset. He lowered his gaze and replied disappointedly, “Okay, I understand.”

“Winson, I have my reasons not to tell you. Besides, I’ll be heartbroken too if you’re upset,” Hannah consoled him because he was down in the dumps.

“Okay, I understand.” Suddenly, as if a thought flashed through his mind, Winson asked, “Do you want to know where Mom’s hometown is?”

“Of course.” However, Hannah was curious that he suddenly brought this up.

“Mommy’s hometown is H City, which is not far from here. The weather is sunny all year long, while the scenery is beautiful. There are a lot of camellias near Mom’s house, which blossom from March to April. Besides, there is also a crystal clear and meandering river with lots of fish.” Winson looked up when he recalled it.

“Did you visit the place with Mom?” Hannah asked cautiously as an air of melancholy seemed to be surrounding him.

“No,” Winson denied it and continued, “Mom told me that it is a wonderful place. But before she could bring me there, she…”

He sobbed uncontrollably.

Hannah wished to hand over a piece of tissue paper to him yet couldn’t move her body too much. Hence, she could only comfort him, “Winson, it’s okay. When we’ve recovered, I’ll bring you there.”

Suddenly, Fabian opened the door and brought along someone younger than him.

Despite the age difference between them, Hannah felt that he was almost as tall as Fabian. The spoiled brat was wearing a set of branded clothes: a white short-sleeved shirt and distressed jeans. Also, the sparkling watch on his wrist was clearly expensive.

“Fabian, I think we came at the inappropriate time,” the young man looked at Fabian and said awkwardly.

Fabian shot him a cold glance before coming up to Winson’s bed. He took two pieces of tissue paper to wipe away Winson’s tears. Then, he asked Hannah gently, “What were you two talking about? Why did he cry?”

“Nothing much. Winson got a little emotional as we talked about our mom’s hometown,” Hannah explained.

“I see. Do you wish to visit the place? That’s simple I can bring you guys to visit the place once both of you have recovered,” Fabian comforted Winson while patted him on his chest gently.

“Okay. Thank you, my dearest brother-in-law,” Winson felt a lot better after hearing it.

“What? What did he say? Brother-in-law? Did I hear something?

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