Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1143

The young man’s jaw dropped in surprise. Shortly afterward, he glanced at Hannah and said shockingly, “Fabian, didn’t you always refrain from being emotionally attached to all of your girlfriends? What’s going on now?”

Fabian scowled at him and hit his head immediately. “Hey, do you remember what I said before coming here? Do you want me to hand you over to your dad? He can teach you some manners!”

“No, please don’t do that. He’ll force me to manage his business once he can lay his fingers on me!” The young man shook his hand as he was worried that what Fabian said would come true.

The young man immediately changed his facial expression and flattered Hannah. “I was merely too excited. Fabian is actually very loyal.”

He is loyal, so much so that all of his ex-girlfriends can form a regiment.

He didn’t speak his mind, worrying that Fabian would hand him over to his dad.

Hannah smiled politely as a response. Then, she gazed at Fabian doubtfully. It was as if she wanted to know who the young man was and why Fabian brought him here.

Fabian put on a smile helplessly and explained, “This is Jason, the youngest son of the Goldstein family. His family and mine are good friends.”

Meanwhile, Jason walked closer to Hannah and bowed with his right arm on his chest. After that, he said smilingly and courteously, “I’m Jason, Fabian’s sidekick.”

Hannah initially wanted to praise him for being polite, yet his following words shocked her.

“Please help me when necessary because Fabian doesn’t treat me very well.” As Jason spoke, he raised his brows playfully while his lips curled into a sly smile.

Hannah was rendered speechless. How am I supposed to help you? I’m not the president!

“As for you, since you’re the brother of Fabian’s wife, I’ll treat you as my godbrother. I’ll protect you from now on, and your problems are my problems. I think you are still in junior high school, right? Tell me which school you’re studying at, and I’ll send two men to protect you there.” Jason talked to Winson non-stop even though Hannah rather embarrassed.

At this moment, Hannah wasn’t sure what she had to say to him.

Meanwhile, Fabian was also at a loss. I shouldn’t have brought the brat here in the first place.

“I’m studying at Holden Junior High School,” Winson replied.

“Okay, I’ll assign some men afterward,” Jason replied once Winson gave him the answer.

At the same time, he walked past Fabian and stood beside Winson’s bed. “You can call me Jason. By the way, I haven’t got to know your name yet.”

“Jason, I’m Winson.” Since Jason was more senior than him, he replied without hesitation.

“Okay, Winson. Nice to meet you.”

Deep in Jason’s heart, he was delighted that he took in Hannah’s brother as his sidekick right after meeting him. I can feel that a wonderful life is coming to me. If Fabian is reluctant to teach me or cause me trouble again, I’ll ask a favor from Winson to talk to him.

Hahaha, I’m as smart as myself!

On the other hand, Hannah was also deep in thought. This boy doesn’t seem to be a spoiled brat but more like a gangster! Will he lead Winson down the wrong path? It’s better to be safe than sorry. After all, it’ll be too late if Winson is influenced by his bad behavior!

Hence, Hannah hastily winked at Fabian. Quick! Stop him now. Don’t let him bring about any bad influence on Winson.

Fabian didn’t expect that Jason would say such things. Even though Jason had some bad habits, he would still behave himself in the past.

Nevertheless, Jason and Winson had a good chat even before Fabian could say anything. As such, he held his tongue and came up to Hannah’s bed to sit on a chair.

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