Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1145

But can’t you just make an exception for me? Can’t you just treat me differently? I know you care about me, but why do you have to hide it? Don’t you know I can see right through you?

Fabian shook his head as a smile played on his lips. “Who brought those? Leo?” He spotted the food on the table.

“Yeah,” Hannah answered, trailing his gaze.

“By the way, Winson, there is some soup on the table. You should have some. You need to eat something nutritious to get better,” she added.

“Sure!” Jason was talking to Winson when a smile broke out on Winson’s face. His smile intensified when he heard Hannah.

“I’ll go get it,” Jason said before Fabian even got up.

“Get two bowls then,” Fabian replied.

This brat is finally doing something that won’t embarrass me.

“Alright,” Jason answered.

Jason passed a bowl of soup to Fabian before bringing another one to Winson and feeding him.

“See, isn’t it nice to have a new friend?” Jason teased as he fed Winson.

Hannah was beginning to change her perception of Jason. He might be a wilful young man but he had a soft heart. He would not be so loving toward Winson if he were a wicked person.

“He always talks like this. I hope you don’t mind. He won’t teach Winson anything bad,” Fabian said, clearing his throat.

A smile curved on Hannah’s lips. “I know. He just volunteered to get soup for Winson. That says a lot about him.”

Suddenly, the door swung opened and someone barged in. Jason was shocked he almost spilled the soup.

The person stood at the door for a few seconds without saying a word and then dashed out.

“Is she crazy?” Jason grunted, taking up the spoon to feed Winson again.

Yet again, someone opened the door again. A small head appeared around the door and a soft voice rang in the room. “Is Hannah here?”

Jason had really had enough of it. “Are you serious? What are you up to? This is a hospital, not a playground. Can’t you see the stickers on the walls? ‘Silence please’. This is the second time you have barged in! What do you want?”

Jason was already on his feet when Fabian wanted to stop him, but Jason spoke before Fabian could say anything. “Fabian, don’t stop me. Somebody needs to teach this person a good lesson.”

He charged toward the door, glaring at the person. “Go and ask the nurse if you’re looking for someone. You can’t just go around disturbing all the patients like this.”

“I heard she’s in this room,” a timid voice replied.

“Jason,” Hannah called out.

That girl was her sister, Helen.

“Hannah, you need to stop being so soft-hearted. She can’t do this. The patients need to rest.”

“Who are you looking for, eh? There are only two patients in this room. One is my brother and the other is my sister-in-law. Which of them is the person you’re looking for?” Jason interrogated the girl.

Because Jason was blocking the way, Helen could only tiptoe to try and see who was in the room. “But my parents told me she’s in this room…” she said weakly.

Jason glowered at the young girl in dismay. “Do you think I’m lying to you? Fine! Come in and take a look yourself. I’m not a liar.”

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