Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1147

Before Fabian could even react, Helen eyed him from the top to the toe and expressed her approval. “Not bad. You’ve got a good catch, Hannah.”

“Helen! What are you talking about?” Hannah cried out in embarrassment. Now that her sister had seen her and Fabian together, she had no choice but to admit their relationship.

“Come on, don’t be shy,” Helen joked as she cast her a mischievous glance, “Alright, fine. I’ll stop making fun of you.”

Hannah stole a glance at Fabian and saw him smiling brightly. Hannah’s sister is just like Jason.

“Hannah, is that our brother?” Helen asked, walking toward Winson’s bed.

Helen caressed his face lovingly as she bent down. Her face was all filled with love and compassion.

Winson was not used to all this, but still, he touched Helen’s face and smiled at her as he felt odd.

“You look kinda handsome too. I bet you’re gonna grow up into a fine young man,” Helen commented as she swayed and pouted her lips.

Hannah shook her head at her outspoken sister. She was like this ever since she was a kid, and she never cared about rules and restrictions. Now that she was already a grownup, there was no use for Hannah to try correcting her anymore.

Helen went closer to the boy and asked, “What’s your name? I’m Hannah’s younger sister, so that makes me your elder sister too. You can call me Helen.”

“I’m Winson.”

“What a sweet name. Hi, Winson,” Helen repeated his name tenderly, ruffling his hair as she smiled brightly.

Why is she calling his name like that? She’s so cheesy. Jason felt a gush of jealousy when he heard Helen saying Winson’s name. If it were not for Fabian, he would have lashed out at the girl.

“Are you very close to him? Call him Mr. Blackwood,” Jason said snarkily.

“Mr. Blackwood? I like calling him Winson,” she insisted.

Hannah looked at the two and joined the conversation. “Don’t mind him, Helen. Jason’s just not used to you calling him Winson.”

“Fine. You can just do whatever you want,” Jason said to Helen begrudgingly.

“What’s wrong with showing my love for Winson? I like the way I call his name,” Helen said, tilting her head to one side as she thought.

“Don’t you like me calling your name, Winson?” she turned and asked, using an exceptionally sweet voice.

Hannah was totally at a loss for words, and so was Jason.

Jason really felt like going up to her and giving her a punch. Does she have to rub it in my face?

“Actually, Jason’s right. I’m not really used to strangers calling me so intimately,” Winson said awkwardly.

Helen looked at Jason spitefully and wondered what charm the guy had over her younger brother. In their first encounter, Jason was no more than an unreasonable thug to her.

Jason spotted the despise written all over her face, but he could only swallow his anger with Fabian around.

Hannah could not stand the enmity between the two anymore. “Helen, this is Jason Goldstein. You must’ve heard of Goldstein Group. It belongs to his family.”

With Hannah introducing him formally, Jason could not help but feel proud of himself. He straightened his back and looked loftily at Helen. Now you know who I am. Let’s see if you still have the guts to treat me like this ever again. It’s time to show some respect. You should be calling me Mr. Goldstein.

“I see. That explains his behavior. He’s from a prestigious family,” Helen commented, nodding away at Jason.

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