Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1148

Jason smirked at the clueless girl. How dare you lecture me just now?

A sly smile curved on his lips as he imagined Helen apologizing profusely to him. Mr. Goldstein, I’m so sorry. I didn’t know who you were back there. Please forgive me.

But Jason’s wish did not come through. Although Helen already found out who he was, she did not back down. She saw right through Jason and decided to just play his game, so she went up to Fabian instead.

“Fabian, did I do anything wrong just now? Even Hannah is taking his side, but I really don’t see why Jason was angry…” she entreated softly.

What is going on?

Jason scratched his head, trying to keep up with what was happening. You’d better not take her side, Fabian. I will not live in humiliation because of this impudent girl. Huh, I need to do something.

He went over to Hannah and put up a pitiful face.

“Hannah, you’ve got to be on my side…”

Before Jason could speak any further, Fabian had already interjected him. “You can just call Winson however you like. He’s your brother, and I don’t think Jason will really mind.”


Fabian! How could you do this to me? I’ve always stood by you all this time. You can’t just betray me because of a girl you just met!

Life is so unfair! Life is good for this girl just because she has a beautiful sister.

Jason knew all was gone. Now that Fabian had spoken, there was nothing he could do anymore. He knew if he continued making a fuss, he would be sent back to the Goldstein family.

“Thanks, Fabian. You’re the best!” Helen said with a wide smile on her face.

Her brows curved in triumph as she shot Jason a smug smile. “Even Fabian thinks there’s no reason for you to be angry with me,” she whispered at Jason as she back walked toward Winson.

Bruh! A gush of fury took over Jason. He felt like he could just kill her there and then.

Hannah tried her best to ease the situation. “Helen can be impertinent sometimes, but she has a kind heart. I hope you don’t mind.”

She’s kind? My foot!

Jason wanted to refute Hannah, but considering who she was to Fabian, he put up a smile instead. “I’m glad you know she’s the one at fault here. But what can I do? I have to put up with all this just to make sure he doesn’t send me back to my father,” he replied, “I hope you could at least say some nice things about me when you’re with Fabian. I really don’t want to go back.”


A subtle smile played on Hannah’s lips. She was not expecting Jason to make a request like this. “I’d definitely do that. Don’t worry,” she said immediately.

Seeing how she readily agreed to help, Jason finally smiled. It no longer mattered if he was right or Helen was right now that he got Hannah on his side. At least he knew Fabian would not send him back to his father.

“Winson,” Helen called out in the same endearing tone as earlier.

Jason and Winson looked at her simultaneously.

Seriously. Why does she have to keep rubbing it in my face?

“Hey, what are you looking at? I’m talking to my brother,” Helen asked Jason with a smirk on her face.

“Winson, how’s life over at the Blackwoods? I heard from Dad and Mom that life was pretty good for you over there. Make sure you learn some good things in that family, okay? Don’t end up being insolent and proud like someone. Some rich people think they are better than everyone else just because they have money. That’s not a right mindset to have,” Helen said, stealing a look at Jason.

“Don’t worry, Helen. I’ll didn’t learn anything bad, and I don’t think like that too,” Winson replied, enjoying all the attention Helen was giving him.

Hannah saw Jason was on the verge of breaking down, so she asked her sister to tell Winson a story and tuck him to bed. “Helen, tell Jason a story before he sleeps.”

“Alright,” Helen agreed softly. She knew her sister was trying to help Jason.

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