Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1150

What? Isn’t he your brother? Why are you even asking? Don’t tell me I got the wrong person. He clearly said he was looking for Hannah.

Behind Jason, Xavier looked at Helen in curiosity. She was caressing Winson’s head when she turned around.

This must be Hannah’s sister, and that person on the bed must be the guy from the Blackwood family who did the bone marrow donation operation with Hannah.

Xavier shifted his gaze and met Fabian’s unwelcoming glare.

The smile disappeared from his face and a frown deepened on his brows. What on earth is he doing here?

“Why are you here?” Hannah spoke before Xavier could even say a word. She was not expecting him to be here. What was more unexpected was that Jason actually brought him over here. It was obvious that he had no idea about the conflict between Fabian and Xavier.

Xavier’s gaze fell on Hannah, who was lying weakly on the bed. She looked paler than usual, but she was still beautiful in his eyes.

“I happen to pass by, so I decided to just stop by since you just finished your operation,” Xavier replied, a smile reappearing on his face.

I knew it. I knew they knew each other. I’d never get the wrong person. He might not be her elder brother, but he must be her relative or colleague. But regardless of who he is, I did the right thing bringing him here.

“I was asking around for your room number when I met him. He claimed to be your brother, and led me to your room,” Xavier explained when he saw Hannah looking at Jason and himself.

Yep, that’s right.  That’s how you return a favor to someone who helped you.

“He was looking for you outside, so I brought him over,” Jason added, “You don’t have to thank me. I’m just doing what I’m supposed to do.”

Jason looked at Helen from the corner of his eyes as he talked to Hannah.

Helen just stared at him. What’s so great about that? You simply led him to the room. Is that something to be proud of?

Helen sensed Fabian’s antipathic glare at Xavier, and she instantly understood everything. “It seems like you did a really good job,” she said sarcastically.

Of course!

Jason sensed the exaggeration in her voice, but he still did not know the real reason.

Are you jealous?

He glared at Helen before turning toward Fabian. “Fabian, I did you a favor this time.”

Is this guy stupid or something? It’s so obvious that Fabian is not happy to see this man?

Helen looked at Xavier and guessed he must be Fabian’s love rival. There was no other explanation for the gloom on Fabian’s face when he saw Xavier. Mmm, this guy is not bad-looking either. I can only say Hannah certainly has the charms.

“Yeah. You did a good job,” Fabian said slowly and coldly.

“Thanks. You don’t have to…” Jason swallowed his words when he felt a penetrating glare running through his body.

What’s happening. Did I bring someone I’m not supposed to? Gosh, I have to run. Fabian’s glare is killing me.

Jason let off a rigid cough and tried coming up with an excuse. “Um, I… I need to go pee. You guys have fun. Bye.”

With that said, he turned and ran out of the room.

Helen almost burst out laughing looking at him fleeing, but she did all she could to restrain herself. It was certainly not the right time to laugh. The tension in the room was escalating.

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