Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1152

Helen instantly understood Hanna’s gaze. She stood up and let out a cough as she walked toward Xavier. She tugged him by her arm, smiling warmly.

“Mr. Jackson, my sister is really allergic to pollen. She had rashes all over her arms after she came home from your office that day, but she didn’t tell you. Thank you for bringing the flowers though, we really appreciate it. I’m sorry this has caused trouble for you.”

Without waiting for Xavier to reply, Helen turned toward her sister. “Hannah, look at what you have done. They are both fighting because of you.”

Hannah could not help but be in awe of her sister’s tactful response. “Mr. Jackson, I’m sorry. I should’ve told you I’m allergic to pollen. But I wasn’t lying when I said the flowers at your office smelled nice. I had some rashes after that, but I didn’t tell you because I figured it wasn’t a big deal.”

The nurse came back in and Xavier looked at the empty can. He glared at Fabian angrily and decided to just drop the matter. “It seems like I have misunderstood Mr. Norton.”

“It’s not your fault, Mr. Jackson. I should’ve explained myself earlier,” Hannah interrupted.

“No, it’s not your fault. I should’ve known better. I might be Jackson Group’s president, but I’m willing to admit my wrong, unlike someone else.”

Someone else? Who is he talking about? Fabian? Helen was trying to figure out who Xavier was referring to.

What is he implying? So Fabian did something wrong but didn’t want to admit it?

Fabian knew what Xavier was talking about. It pained him every time he thought of what happened.

Fabian’s expression turned cold and emotionless as he looked at Xavier. “Mr. Jackson, you just need to worry about yourself. Sort out your own family problem before you talk about mine.”

A sneer carved on Fabian’s face as he looked at Xavier. He was talking to Xavier, but in some respects, it felt like he was talking to himself.

“I’m not as blessed as Mr. Norton. You have so many beautiful women around you,” Xavier replied, shaking his head, “But allow me to remind you, Mr. Norton. Hannah is not someone you can play with. As her friend, I won’t go easy on you if something happens to her.”

Xavier sounded as if he was joking, but Fabian knew he meant what he said.

“It’s only natural that a dashing man like me has a few women around me. You’d understand that if you were in my shoe,” Fabian answered, “As for Hannah and I, you don’t have to worry about a single thing. We love each other a lot, and we know each other really well.”

Yeah, right. You keep saying that. Hannah could not help but roll her eyes. I don’t know how this man can just lie without even feeling ashamed. I’m the one who’s completely truthful before you. You’re the one who’s never told me anything about yourself.

Opposite Fabian, a ridiculing smile curved on Xavier’s lips. Y’all know each other really well? Then, why did Hannah ask me about Vivian? She seemed genuinely surprised after finding out about it.

Xavier knew Fabian was lying, but he was not keen on calling him out. “I hope what you say is true,” he replied, shrugging his shoulders.

He walked over to Hannah’s side and a smile resumed on his face. “I know a nutritionist that’s really good. I’ll get him to bring you two some food. Y’all just finished the operation, so some good food will help.”

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