Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1154

Xavier knew his work was just an excuse Hannah used to dissuade him from coming, but he had no other choice. Fabian would be here every day now that Hannah was sick. If Xavier did not level up his game, he would never get the girl.

That was why Xavier would come even if Hannah did not want him to.

“Alright, Mr. Jackson, you should get going. We don’t want to keep you any longer. Time is of the essence for you,” Fabian reminded him. He saw no need to be courteous to Xavier. After all, Xavier had always treated him the same way. Since he was not keen on maintaining amicable ties, Fabian would not be nice to him either.

“Hannah, you should just rest in the room. I’ll see Mr. Jackson out since he took the trouble to come and visit you,” Fabian said nonchalantly as he looked at Hannah.

Hannah looked at Fabian, bewildered. Oh no, what’s he trying to do.

I know you two hold a grudge against each other. There’s no way you’ll send him off nicely.

Don’t tell me you two are bringing the fight outside. Hannah was starting to get worried.

“Alright then. Helen, you go along with them as well,” Hannah suggested.

Helen could see through her sister’s worries and nodded.

Yet, before Helen could come over, Xavier spoke. “It’s fine, you should just stay back and take care of your sister. I’ll have a talk with Mr. Norton. We haven’t seen each other for quite some time.”

Xavier was equally curious about why Fabian wanted to talk to him alone. It’s not like I’m afraid of you. I’ll just take you head-on. People like you don’t deserve to be loved. Finnick had taken Vivian away from you, now I’ll take Hannah.

Despite being witty, Helen knew there was no way she could insist her way since Xavier had already said he wanted to speak to Fabian alone. She looked at Hannah in resignation.

There was nothing Hannah could do either. The two men were in charge of two of the most powerful families in the city. It was only natural that they would not see eye to eye.

“Alright then. See you, Mr. Jackson,” Hannah said, silently hoping the two would not do something rash.

After the door closed behind them, Helen sat on Hannah’s bed. “Hannah, I can’t believe you have two of them under your spell. I didn’t know there’s another man in your life other than your boyfriend.”

Another man? No way. Hannah looked at her sister and shook her head.

“What’s with that face, Hannah? Are you embarrassed? Don’t lie to me. I can tell with just a glance that Mr. Jackson is interested in you. Don’t tell me you don’t know that.”

Hannah actually felt Xavier was interested in her, but everything he did for her was really what a friend would do.

“Come on, Hannah. Tell me how you get those two to fall head over heels for you. I want to learn from you. Don’t you want me to find a good husband too?” Helen hurried her sister up.

“What am I supposed to say?” Hannah asked in return. It was not like she purposefully seduced those two men.

“Tell me how you manage to attract the attention of two handsome young men.”

“What do you mean by ‘attract their attention’?” Hannah questioned. There was no way Hannah would do something to catch their attention, especially Fabian. No one in the right mind would want anything to do with Fabian.

“I mean, how did you know them,” Helen quickly corrected herself after realizing her mistake.

Hannah knew her sister would not relent until she came to the bottom of it. “I knew them from the interviews I did with them respectively.”

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