Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1156


A cunning smile curved on Xavier’s lips when Fabian called out to him. “I thought you have nothing to say?” Xavier asked.

Fabian disregarded his mocking remark and went closer to Xavier with a serious expression on his face. “Hannah is mine. You’d better stay away from her,” he said slowly but surely.

Although he did not raise his voice, Xavier could still feel he meant every word he said.

The wind whirled Xavier’s hair in a mess, but he could not care less. He took a step closer and looked at Fabian in the eyes. “Why? You finally can’t take it anymore?” he challenged, shaking his head in disappointment, “I didn’t know you don’t have any faith in yourself.”

Fabian did not utter a word but drilled his demeaning gaze into Xavier like a vulture eyeing its prey.

Xavier did not back down either. His gaze did not waver. On the contrary, there was inexplicable confidence in his eyes as if he already knew he would win this fight.

The howling wind blew stronger in the cold. It beat on their skin like cutting knives, but it only made the two men more determined to take each other down.

Fabian suddenly burst out laughing. “Are you kidding me? Since when am I not confident? Who are you to say anything about me anyway? You don’t have what it takes to talk me down.”

“You don’t get to decide whether I have what it takes or not,” Xavier talked back calmly with an air of nonchalance.

“You want to pursue Hannah, don’t you? Fine. I’ll give you a chance. If you manage to change her mind before we get married, then she’s all yours. I’ll give you both my blessings. But truth be told, I don’t think you can do that,” Fabian stated firmly.

“Mr. Norton, never say never. We don’t know what the future holds. Who knows, you might end up attending my wedding.”

“We shall see.”

“I’ll make sure you see me marrying Hannah,” Xavier repeated.

The two men exchanged searching looks before they parted ways.

Back at the VIP ward, Helen continued asking her sister questions. “Who would you marry if both of them were equally nice to you, Hannah?”

Can I say I’m already married to Fabian?

Well, not like being married makes any difference. It’s just a piece of paper. We just need to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau again if we want to get a divorce.

“It’ll be Mr. Norton, right?” Helen guessed before Hannah said anything.

Hannah’s mind wandered as her sister mentioned Fabian’s name. He’s the president of a company, and I’m merely a journalist. He’s from the Norton family, and I’m just a deserted child. We are no match.

“Why not you just admit you like him? There’s no need to be shy with me,” Helen reiterated.

Helen thought Hannah was quiet because she was embarrassed.

“Alright, fine. I won’t pester you anymore. I can tell from your reaction that you like him. You’re always siding with him when Mr. Jackson was here earlier on. I know you like him.”

“Uh-huh, you’re so smart. You’re the smartest person I’ve ever known,” Hannah teased, shaking her head.

“Don’t be jealous, Hannah. You don’t have to make it so obvious that I am smarter than you,” Helen said as she rolled her eyes.

“You’re so smart you can tell I’m jealous.” Hannah knew she would never win against Helen as she always had a trick or two up her sleeves. But Hannah had to say, it was a blessing to have a sister like Helen.

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