Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1157

“Hannah, is something going on between Mr. Norton and Mr. Jackson? Why are they picking on one another the moment they encounter each other? Is it because of you?” Helena directed the question at her sister.

“Of course not!” Hannah assured her sister that wasn’t the case.

“How can you be so certain? Think about it! They are on par with one another in terms of power and fame! I’m sure Mr. Jackson is jealous because you’re in a relationship with Mr. Norton. Otherwise, why would Mr. Jackson pick on your beloved Mr. Norton the moment he showed up? Perhaps that ain’t the ultimate reason, but I’m sure it has something to do with their conflict!” As Helen started analyzing the situation, she reassured her sister that must be the case.

For a moment, Hannah was convinced by her sister’s words and thought that was the case, but she soon invalidated her sister’s thoughts when she recalled how Fabian was irked by Xavier’s presence since a long time ago. Previously, she wasn’t even close with Xavier. Therefore, it wouldn’t make any sense for her to be the center of their conflicts.

“You need to stop overthinking things! Actually, they’re not on good terms with one another because Fabian is a close friend of Xavier’s foe.”

Hannah would never tell her sister the person was a woman whom Fabian had a hard time moving on from. Otherwise, her sister would definitely confront Fabian. Worst of all, Helen might have a bad impression of Fabian. She wouldn’t want any of those to occur.

“How could that be? Is it necessary for them to strangle one another to death over such a trivial matter?” Helen had a hard time figuring out the truth. After pondering for a few minutes, she insisted her hypothesis was right. “Nope! I still think you’re the reason behind it!”

“I also think Hannah is the reason behind their intense session.” Suddenly, a fragile voice could be heard in the room. The voice belonged to the patient on the bed—Winson.

Helen was speechless because the young man was supposed to stay out of the adult business, yet he voiced out his unwanted opinion.

Soon, the duo responded with an awkward expression when they recalled the content of their conversation. They thought Winson was in deep slumber because he kept silent throughout their conversation.

Helen was the first to snap out of confusion. She took a seat at the edge of the bed and leaned over to check on the young man with an awkward smile. “Winson, have you heard our conversation?”


The duo was speechless as Winson responded with a nod, indicating he had heard everything.

Helen regretted her decision and thought she had embarrassed herself in front of her beloved little brother. When she thought about the content of their conversation and the way she tickled Hannah, she felt a strong urge to bury her head in the sand.

On the other hand, Hannah wasn’t as embarrassed as Helen. Nonetheless, she felt bad for neglecting their beloved little brother.

“Winson, I have accidentally neglected you because I thought you had fallen asleep after Helen tucked you in. I… hope don’t mind me, okay?” Hannah flushed because of her accidental neglect.

“It’s fine, Hannah! I think the conversation you had with Helen was quite interesting!” Winson asserted in a serious manner.

Helen cleared her throat and said, “Winson, we don’t usually behave as such, but it has been quite some time since our last meeting. Therefore, we got overly excited. Think about it! If the last time you see your sister was six months ago, aren’t you going to get pumped up when you see her?”

Helen tried to explain the rationale behind her actions because she was afraid Winson would misperceive her to be a maniac.

“Mmm! I don’t even think I can go by a week without meeting my beloved sisters, let alone six months!” After Helen’s countless attempts to deceive Winson, she finally achieved her goals.

“See? Think about it! We can’t suppress our excitement anymore because it has been six months since we last meet! Therefore, we got overly excited and let loose of ourselves! Don’t you think it’s perfectly normal?” Helen went on and on just to deceive her beloved brother.

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