Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1158

“Mmm! I think that’s perfectly fine!” Winson nodded and thought Helen’s words made sense.

Sighing, Helen caressed Winson’s head and said, “You’re such a smart young man!”

“Urgh! If he had told me his relationship with her, I wouldn’t have to spend my time pacing back and forth in the garden!” Jason, who was in the elevator, muttered to himself.

After he brought Xavier into Hannah’s ward, he was intimidated by Fabian’s deadpan stare. He ended up fleeing from the ward and pacing back and forth in the lobby. As he thought the man had departed, he returned to the ward again.

Who the hell is he? How has he offended Fabian? I have never seen such a fearsome Fabian before! The way he reacts is far more intimidating than Dad! Ugh! It’s giving me a chill again! When Jason recalled Fabian’s deadpan expression, he felt a chill running down his spine and wondered if he had regained his composure.

Hmph! It’s that man’s fault! I must get to the bottom of his identity after the misery he has brought upon me! I won’t allow him to live a carefree life after the things he has done! Caressing the mosquito bites on his arm, Jason made up his mind to seek revenge.

As he walked out of the elevator, Jason bumped into the man in front of him.

What the heck? Have I been jinxed for the day? Although Jason cursed in his mind, he bowed at the person he had bumped into and apologized, “I’m so sorry, mister!”

Jason had undergone strict education ever since he was young. Thus, he could carry himself in a manner befitting a civilized young man.

“It’s okay.” The person Jason had bumped into was Hannah’s adoptive father—Hendrick.

“Huh?” Jason gaped at the man’s presence when he noticed they were right outside of his sister-in-law’s ward.

What is this man doing outside of the ward? Shouldn’t he get going in? What the heck is going on? Stop being a peeping tom!

Jason was about to rush over to confront Hendrick, but when he recalled the incident Helen had gone through, he resisted the urge and asked politely, “Mister, may I know what you’re doing here?”

“Huh?” Hendrick, who had his eyes glued to the ones in the ward, was startled by Jason’s question. Seconds after he returned to his senses, he said, “I’m here to visit my daughter.”

Daughter? Is it Hannah? Oh, God! I can’t believe I get to run into Hannah’s father! I guess I’m not so unlucky, huh? Here comes a surprise from God to compensate me after the miseries I have gone through! Hahaha! Since he’s Fabian’s father-in-law, I don’t have to be afraid of Fabian anymore as long as I win him over! Hahaha!

Wait! I think it’s better to get everything clear before I mess things up again!

Jason could barely suppress his excitement. He asked, “Mister, if you’re here to visit your daughter, why aren’t you entering the ward?”

Hendrick couldn’t help but size Jason up because he found the young man odd. Nonetheless, he answered, “I just need to ensure she’s fine because I’m afraid of interrupting her. See? I have prepared a meal for her!” He raised his hand and showed the young man the meal he had brought along with him.

Staring at the thermal food jars Hendrick had with him, Jason was certain the man in front of him was Hannah’s father.

Judging by his appearance and the fact he’s aware of the precise location of the ward, I’m sure he’s the one!

Hahaha! I need to win him over! I mean, I can’t possibly waste my talent, right?

“You’re such a caring father! I’m so envious of your daughter for having such a great father! I’m sure she’s equally proud of you, isn’t she? If and only I have a caring father like you… Huh…”

Jason had developed a special talent of putting on a show at demand after being beaten by his father ever since he was young. As he held Hendrick’s hands with his quivering hands, he acted all worked up with tears brimming in his eyes.

“Why are you crying? Are you sure you haven’t misunderstood your father? I’m pretty sure he loves you as much as I love my daughter.”

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