Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1159

Hendrick found the seemingly dejected Jason pitiable and started consoling him because he was around Hannah’s age.

Grasping Hendrick’s hands, Jason went all out and wailed, “My father has been neglecting me because he only cares about his business! I had been taking care of myself ever since I was young! Although I’m from a relatively wealthy family, my father doesn’t care about me at all! I-I…”

“Y-You…” Hendrick was at a loss for better words to comfort the pitiable Jason.

“Your daughter is so lucky to have a doting father like you! P-Perhaps I have been cursed with such a cruel father! Boohoo…” Jason continued weeping as though he was overwhelmed by the built-up emotions over the years.

Hendrick started sympathizing with Jason’s predicament. He held the young man’s hand and denoted, “Don’t you think your father has been working hard because of you?”

Jason secretly heaved a sigh of relief because Hendrick seemed to have opened up to him. He deadpanned his reply. “Hmph! I don’t need those superficial things from him!”

Immediately after he finished his sentence, he asked, “Why don’t you take me in as your godson? I’d love to spend some time with a doting father like you!”

Hendrick was certain the young man was an heir to a wealthy family because of the lavish clothes he was wearing. As someone who could merely sustain his day-to-day lifestyle, he was worried the young man’s parents might misperceive his intention. Thus, he turned him down. “I don’t think that’s appropriate.”

Actually, Hendrick found Jason pitiable and would take him in if he were an orphan. Nonetheless, the young man was the complete opposite of a pitiable orphan.

On the other hand, Jason had no intention to give up just yet. As Hendrick turned him down, he started wailing hysterically, “Boohoo… Since no one cares about me, I guess it’s fine to leave this world behind. My last attempt to commit suicide through drowning myself has failed, I guess I’ll jump off the building this time!”

In a final attempt to win Hendrick over, Jason coated his words with sorrow along with a pair of drooping eyes. “I guess I can finally rest in peace after learning the true definition of love. I’ll see you again, mister. If it’s possible, I hope I’ll get to be your son in my next life!”

Immediately after he finished his sentence, Jason turned around and catapulted in the other direction, behaving as though he was about to jump off the building.

Hendrick got anxious and stopped Jason. “How can you give up on your life when you’re so young? If you’re dead, your parents will be very sad! It’s such a wonderful world! Are you sure you’re going to leave everything behind?”

The seemingly agitated Jason queried, “If there’s nothing else that’s worth my time, is it necessary for me to waste my time living a life full of despair?”

When Hendrick heard Jason’s question, he went dead silent and stood right where he was.

Hurry up and give in to my request already! Just say yes! Once you acknowledge me as your godson, I’ll call off my plan to jump off the building! Hurry up!

Jason got anxious because Hendrick remained silent for a long time. Has he seen through my plan? It’s impossible, isn’t it? I mean, I have put on such a pitiable front and wasted so many drops of tears!

“Alright! I’ll take you in as my godson!” Hendrick broke the silence, caving in to the young man’s request. He added after pausing for a few seconds, “You have to promise me not to try anything silly such as committing suicide in the future.”

“Sure! I’ll listen to everything you say!” Jason almost started weeping again. See? It’s impossible for him to see through my act! After all, I’m such a talented actor! Those in showbiz should be glad I’m not in the industry! Otherwise, they’re going to have another strong rival!

Hendrick felt helpless because he had no intention to cave in to Jason’s request. With that being said, he couldn’t possibly allow the young man to end his life in front of him.

Jason was all smiles—a genuine one because he was glad he had a strong backing to defend him from Fabian in the future. He introduced himself, “Uncle, my name is Jason! Shall we head into the ward and check on Hannah?”

“Oh, Jason.” As Hendrick muttered Jason’s name, the young man brought him into the ward.

After Jason took over the things Hendrick had with him, Hendrick introduced himself, “If that’s the case, why don’t you address me as Uncle Hendrick from now onwards?”

Meanwhile, the trio in the VIP ward had a great time chit-chatting, but Jason’s sudden appearance interrupted their session.

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