Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1161

After Hendrick approached Hannah with the bowl of soup, he ensured it was of optimal temperature for consumption before handing it over to her.

In the end, Hannah consumed everything Hendrick served her. It was scrumptious, yet it felt different from the ones Fabian had brought her because of the associated meaning.

As Helen started eating her meal, she glared at Jason in the eyes from time to time.

Why am I related to this guy over there? Ugh! It’s so frustrating! I must have been jinxed!

“What? Have you not seen such a handsome face before?” Jason asked with a scornful expression, feeling proud of himself because he could finally irritate Helen.

“Hmph! I have encountered countless shameless men before, but you’re the most shameless out of them! Why don’t you head over to the war zone?” Helen remarked sarcastically.

“Why should I head over to the war zone?” Jason had a hard time figuring out the meaning behind the double innuendo.

She scowled at him in return. “Ha! It seems like you’re more of a shameless fool instead of a shameless man. Well, I guess you wouldn’t have brought Fabian’s love rival into the ward if you were an intelligent being!”

Jason couldn’t be bothered by Helen’s sarcastic remark at all. He rebuked in an attempt to defend himself, “I-It’s nothing but a mistake! Why am I not allowed to make mistakes in life when even the most exceptional leaders make mistakes?”

He started boasting in a shameless manner, “What about the war zone you’re talking about? Is it because you think I’ll be able to seduce the foes of our country with my handsome face? Ha! I agree because I’m certain they’ll fall head over heels in love with me despite their gender!”

When she heard his absurd remarks, she accidentally spat the mouthful of food she was about to swallow out of her mouth.

Helen’s action caught everyone’s attention, including Winson. He blinked his eyes in confusion because he was right next to the conflicting duo.

She suppressed her urge to laugh with all her might and stuttered, “I-I’m fine… P-Please carry on with whatever you are doing…”

“Y-You—” Jason’s expression darkened as he yelled, “You’re fine, but I’m not!”

As he was right next to Helen when the food gushed out of her mouth, they were splattered all over his face.

“Hahaha! Oh, God! You’re such an unlucky man!” Helen burst out laughing hysterically because the face of the arrogant man was covered in food.

Jason gritted his teeth and asked, “How dare you laugh at me?” He felt a strong urge to take her out because no one, apart from her, had the guts to pick on him since he was the successor of the Goldstein family.

As Jason’s look was hilarious, Winson couldn’t help but chuckle. He tried his best to control his volume, but Jason heard him.

I have never been bullied by others because I was always the one doing that! I can’t believe Helen has the guts to pick on me and humiliate me in front of so many people!

Jason made up his mind and was determined to get his revenge in the near future.

Suddenly, Hendrick bellowed with his brows furrowed, “Helen, hurry up and apologize to Jason!”

“Hahaha! I-I’m so sorry! I have no intention to laugh at you, but you look so hilarious!” Helen apologized when she heard Hendrick’s instructions. Nonetheless, she couldn’t control her laughter at all.

“I-I—” Jason was at a loss for words because he was irked by Helen’s response. Just how unlucky am I to run into a devil like her?

A gloomy expression loomed over Hendrick’s face. When Helen was born, Hendrick and his wife were no longer young. Therefore, they had been spoiling her since the day she was born. He regretted deeply for not disciplining her and deemed their neglect the very reason behind her arrogant behavior.

Hendrick raised his volume and reprimanded his daughter, “Helen!”

She stopped laughing and looked at Hendrick with an aggrieved look because her father had never raised his volume against her before.

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