Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1164

Smiling, Fabian stated, “To be precise, our families have been acquainted for decades.”

It took Hendrick a few seconds to gather his thoughts. “If that’s the case, you need to talk to his father and get him to spend some time with Jason.”

Hendrick was reluctant to leave Jason alone when he recalled the conversation they had outside of the ward.

Meanwhile, Fabian couldn’t help but imagine Jason’s father’s response when he found out the things the brat had been talking about behind his back.

He chuckled after he imagined the things that might be in store for Jason. Nonetheless, he decided to play along with Jason and asserted, “Sure, I’ll talk to his father once he’s free.”

Meanwhile, in the president’s office of Jackson Group, Xavier slouched against the chair with his face puckered in irritation. He asked his assistant, “What’s my next best course of action?”

Helplessness was written all over his assistant’s face. As Xavier’s ‘go-to advisor’, he had been assimilated with Xavier’s process of thoughts after he was hired. His EQ had certainly improved after dealing with Xavier.

He had since become a man with all sorts of unrealistic thoughts because he would have to generate ideas that could please Xavier. Otherwise, he would risk being slapped in the face. After all this while, he had long gotten used to the man’s brutality and could no longer feel the pain.

His assistant suggested, “Mr. Jackson, why don’t we try our luck with Ms. Young’s siblings?”

Xavier’s eyes gleamed in silence. As a result, his assistant had a hard time figuring out the things he had in mind.

After a few seconds of silence, he added, “I think an aggressive strategy isn’t the best for the time being. The man who had shown you the way into the ward was the youngest member of the Goldstein family. He has been closely acquainted with Fabian since he was born. In short, it’s impossible to win him over and get him to do us a favor. As for those from the Blackwood family, they have been neglecting Ms. Young over the past two decades. If it weren’t because of their youngest member, I don’t think they’ll ever approach her. Hence, I’m sure Ms. Young still holds a grudge against them. As for the Young family, their aids are as good as none because they don’t get to spend a lot of time with Ms. Young.”

Xavier found his assistant’s orated speech made sense. He nodded, indicating he was on the same page with him.

His assistant heaved a sigh of relief because he wouldn’t have to suffer anymore.

“According to the information I have gathered, Ms. Young shares an intimate relationship with her sister. They talk about all sorts of things. Thus, I’m sure if we can win her over and get her to persuade Ms. Young on your behalf, it’s only a matter of time before she’s influenced by her sister’s words. In order to win a woman over, we just need to get her a few cosmetic items.”

Xavier was thrilled as it was written all over his face. He praised his assistant, “Mmm! That’s a brilliant idea!”

His assistant got increasingly pumped up and continued elaborating, “As for her brother, I believe he plays an important role in her life as well! According to the information, he’s Ms. Young’s biological brother from the same parents. His condition was also the only reason Ms. Young had made her way back to the Blackwood family. I think it’s necessary to spend more effort to win her brother over. His mother had passed on since he was young. As Leo spent most of his time working, he had no time to spare for his son. Although he has a stepmother, he seems to have not gotten the attention he needs from her.”

After Xavier’s assistant shared the options available with him, he stood in front of him in anticipation of a final decision.

Xavier massaged his temples because he couldn’t figure out the proper way to deal with Winson. In the end, he announced, “I want you to figure out Winson’s current age and procure the materials of the subjects that post as challenges to him.”

“Mr. Jackson, are you indicating you’re going to become his personal tutor?” His assistant was surprised. Although it was a great idea to improve his relationship with Winson, it would require a tremendous amount of effort and time.

“Isn’t it obvious? On top of that, get the cosmetic items ready as soon as possible!” Xavier’s eyes gleamed as a vicious smirk could be seen on his face.

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