Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1166

After talking about some trivial matters for another few minutes, Hendrick told Fabian he would be leaving. He thought of bringing Helen away with him, but Helen insisted on staying behind to keep her sister company. Thus, he caved in to his daughter’s request.

Since Jason had such a rare opportunity to improve his relationship with his godfather, he volunteered to send Hendrick home.

After Hendrick’s departure, Helen told Hannah, “Can I spend the night at your place?”

Hannah was stupefied because she had long moved out of her leased apartment and moved into Fabian’s place without telling anyone.

“What? Are you going to turn me down? Is it because you have moved into Fabian’s place?” Helen directed another question at Hannah since her sister hesitated.

Hannah was genuinely perplexed because of Helen’s question. She planned to make something up and send her sister home, but her sister’s speculation was spot on. I can’t possibly tell her she has hit the bullseye, can I?

“Huh? Are you serious? Have you acquired Dad and Mom’s consent beforehand?” Helen was shocked because her joke turned out to be the case.

“I-I’ll allow you to stay with us, but you’re not allowed to tell Dad and Mom!” After giving it a thought, Hannah decided to tell Helen the truth.

Her sister shook her head and suggested, “If that’s the case, let’s forget about it. Since we’re talking about Fabian’s place, I can’t possibly spend the night at his place when you’re not around. I’ll check myself into a nearby hotel.”

Suddenly, Fabian broke the silence and announced, “Don’t worry. I’ll arrange your accommodation for the night in a bit.”

Are you kidding me? How can I allow my sister-in-law to spend a night at the hotel when I own a freaking real estate company?

As Helen was afraid of troubling Fabian, she shrugged her shoulders and suggested, “Actually, can I stay here and keep Hannah company instead? I don’t really feel safe to entrust her to the nurses.”

“That won’t be necessary because I’ll be staying back for the night,” Fabian announced nonchalantly.

“H-Huh?” Hannah and Helen simultaneously gaped at his reply.

“Are you sure you want to spend a night in the ward? Don’t you have anything else on your schedule tomorrow?” Helen expressed her concerns. Actually, she was glad and considered her sister lucky because she had gotten herself a wealthy and loyal spouse.

As she thought about it, she was overwhelmed by a heartwarming sensation because there were only a few men of his status who would stay loyal.

Out of the blue, the absurd idea of him forsaking his job for her crossed her mind. Am I going to be blamed for that?

As she was worried that would turn out to be the case, she suggested, “Why don’t you return home and take a break? You have turned down so many appointments after spending the entire day taking care of me. I don’t want to get in your way anymore.”

Fabian asked, “Why have you made it sound as though I can’t take a break in the ward?”

“Huh? What exactly are you up to? Are you going to sleep on the floor?” Hannah was confused. Fabian would have to sleep on the floor because she had occupied one of the two beds in the ward while the other one was occupied by Winson.

“Oh! I think I know what’s going on!” Helen’s eyes narrowed to a slit with a vicious smirk.

The curious Hannah looked at her sister and asked, “What?”

Nodding, Helen announced with a bright grin, “I’m pretty sure he is going to sleep by your side!”

What? Is this a joke? Is he really going to squeeze by my side when it’s a super single bed?

Hannah’s eyes widened in disbelief in anticipation of Fabian’s reply.

What if he insists? Since he’s such a domineering man, I’m pretty sure he won’t listen to me even if I turn him down!

Her process of thought had spiraled out of control as she imagined all sorts of things.

“Hmm… Actually, that’s quite a great idea,” Fabian asserted with a serious look and nodded in return.

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