Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1168

I don’t really need anyone’s blessings because Fabian’s presence is the only blessing I need in life!

No matter what’s in store for us, I will brace myself through the challenges! Hopefully, the man I have in mind is as equally determined as I am!

When she lost herself in a train of thoughts, she could feel a strong breeze as someone forcefully opened the door and barged into the ward.

Is it necessary to open the door in such a brutal manner?

Hannah shook her head and asked Helen, “Who’s on the phone? Why have gotten so worked up after a call? Is it your boyfriend?”

“It was!” Helen gasped out her reply.

Hannah knew something was wrong with Helen. She asked, “Was? Does that mean he has called to break up with you?”

Her sister added, “His current girlfriend has made the call on his behalf and ridiculed me for being a fool!”

“What?” Hannah started burning with rage because of the absurdity behind the incident. She asked, “What has she told you? Have you not defended yourself?”

How could he leave such an exceptional woman and have an affair with another woman?

“Nah, I have no intention of wasting my time with this imbecile,” Helen replied nonchalantly, making it sound like it had nothing to do with her.

“No! What makes her think she has the right to ridicule you? How could that jerk turn his back against you?” Hannah yelled because she would never allow her sister to go through such humiliations.

“He’s from a relatively ordinary family. After getting into a relationship with another woman from a well-off family, he decides to ditch me. Do you really think he’s worth my time?”

“How could she ridicule you when you’re not the one at fault? Wait…” Hannah got increasingly infuriated the more she thought about it. She would never tolerate such discrimination against her sister.

Helen interrupted and consoled her infuriated sister, “Don’t you think it’s a waste of our time to pick on them?”

She was equally infuriated when she received the call, but after she gave it a thought, she found herself lucky. Otherwise, it would be too late if she were to figure out he was a jerk after getting married to him.

Helen diverted the topic and asked, “Are you going to get married to Fabian? I heard him asking Dad to meet his family member in person just now! When is it? You need to pick the day I’m free, okay? I want to tag along too!”

As Helen insisted it wasn’t a big deal, Hannah decided to mind her own business and forget about it.

“Mmm! The tentative agenda is to get Dad and Mom to meet Fabian’s mother in person after I’m discharged from the hospital.” Although a wedding ceremony would soon be held, Hannah wasn’t particularly glad because she was afraid of the potential conflicts awaiting her.

“Hannah, overthinking things isn’t going to bring you anywhere. You need to stop reminding me of the predicament I have gone through because it’s over.” Helen thought Hannah was upset because of her break-up. Little did she know Hannah had something else in mind.

Hannah shook her head and queried, “Speaking of which, don’t you think it’s time for you to change your ringtone?”

Her sister retrieved her phone and announced, “Well, I’m just about to change it.”

Before she could change it, she received another call again.

After mustering all her strength and snatching the phone from Helen, Hannah picked up the call and yelled, “Hello? Have you no shame at all? Who gives you the audacity to call my sister? You’re the one who doesn’t deserve her! What the hell is wrong with you? When you’re in a relationship with her, you won’t appreciate her, yet when it’s over, you can’t stop irritating her! We don’t have that much time for jerks like you! Stop calling her in the future since it’s over! Am I clear?”

After Hannah hung up the call, she returned it to Helen and said, “We don’t need to hold back on jerks like him! He won’t stop picking on you if you don’t retaliate against him and let him know you’re serious! Moreover, he’s going to get ahead of himself if you’re intimidated by him!”

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