Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1169

Since Hannah had hung up the call, there wasn’t anything Helen could do to change the outcome. Thus, she played along and stated, “Alright, Hannah. I’ll keep that in mind.”

The moment she picked up her phone and took a peek at the screen, she was dumbfounded because the call was from an anonymous instead of the jerk.

As Hannah noticed the odd expression on Helen’s face, she wondered if something was wrong.  What is it? Hadn’t she just said she would keep my words in mind? Why’s she gaping at her phone again?

Helen said in a hushed voice, “Hannah, I have something to tell you.”

“What is it?”

“I-I think we have taken things out on the wrong person—that wasn’t a call from that jerk.”

“H-Huh? Whose call could it be if it wasn’t a call from him Why hasn’t he stopped me from yelling at him?”

“I have no idea! It’s from a number I have never seen before!” Helen replied with a sheepish grin because she found it hilarious.

She had no intention to blame her sister and found their goofy response adorable.

The heartless Helen stated, “I think the person on the other end is equally confused because he was scolded the moment you answered the phone. Do you think he’s wondering if he has done anything wrong as of now?”

Chuckling, Hannah said, “I think he’s thinking if he has accidentally called some lunatic because I hung up the call as soon as I finished taking things out on him! I think you should call him back just in case he’s trying to reach you for something urgent.”

Her sister nodded and reverted back to the anonymous figure immediately.

“Hello?” A man’s hoarse voice could be heard once the call was picked up.

“H-Hey, my friend had picked up the call because she thought it was her phone. She ended up scolding you, but please forget about it because it was nothing more than a misunderstanding,” Helen explained the reason behind Hannah’s harsh words.

“It’s fine. I didn’t take it personally either.” The man’s nonchalant reply made it sound like it wasn’t a big deal. Helen found the man’s euphonious voice familiar and thought she had met him before.

“Thank you so much for your kind understanding.” Helen paused before asking, “Who are you? What brings you to me?”

“I’m your sister’s friend, Xavier. I have dropped by the ward in the afternoon. Do you remember me?” Xavier, who was on the other end of the line had made the call in an attempt to win Helen over.

Staring at Hannah in the eyes, Helen asked with her brows arched in confusion, “Mr. Jackson? May I know what you need from me?”

Correspondingly, Hannah was rather confused by the reason Xavier had approached Helen.

“It’s not a big deal. I have called because I wish to buy you a meal.”

“You want to buy me a meal? When?” Helen asked after pondering the suggestion for a short while.

As Xavier was afraid Helen would turn him down, he suggested, “Well, that’s entirely up to you, Ms. Young! We can head out for a meal whenever you’re free, but it will be better if you’re able to join me today.” He knew it would be crucial for him to win Helen over to gain the upper hand in the race to court Hannah.

“Hmm… Why don’t you give me a few minutes to think about it? I’ll get in touch with you if I’m heading over.” Helen rolled her eyes and dismissed the man.

The very moment Helen hung up the call, Hannah asked her sister before could put her phone aside. “Why has Xavier called you?”

“What else could it be? I’m pretty sure he’s trying to bribe me to do him a favor.” Grinning, Helen’s eyes narrowed to a slit as she made fun of her sister again. “Hannah, you’re such a charming woman! He has offered to buy me a meal when we have just met this afternoon. I’m quite certain he has a few gifts in store for me. Can you get another few backups like these and send them my way to bribe me?”

Hannah rolled her eyes and reprimanded her sister, “He’s not a backup, okay? Mr. Jackson is merely a friend of mine! You need to watch your mouth and stop spreading rumors!”

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