Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1170

“Oh? An ordinary friend, huh? Why don’t I have such a wealthy friend who won’t stop approaching me? I was there when he was about to start a fight with Fabian, okay? You don’t have to worry! Your secrets are safe with me! Why don’t you tell me everything now?” Helen raised her hand, indicating she swore upon her name.

“I have nothing to tell you! Also, you need to stop spreading baseless accusations!” Hannah was conscious it was another one of his sister’s attempts to pull her leg. She soon put on a serious front and warned, “It’s fine for you to join him for a meal, but you’re not allowed to take anything he offers you, okay?”

“Huh? Why? Don’t you know I’m a conscientious woman? How can you ask me to let someone down?”

Hannah was rendered speechless by her sister’s shameless reply.

“Can you please take this seriously? Are you aware of the awaiting you if you accept his offers?” Hannah would never allow her sister to accept Xavier’s offer because she knew how awful it felt to be indebted to someone, especially when she was still indebted to Fabian.

“Okay…” Helen replied with her lips pouted.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

Suddenly, someone knocked on the door.

Hannah was afraid another odd figure might show up, but she still said, “Come in.”

“Ms. Young, Mr. Norton has instructed us to bring another bed here.”

Hannah stared at the bed with an open mouth and thought to herself. Why has he brought this bed here? Is he serious about spending a night in the ward?

Meanwhile, Helen came to a revelation when she saw the bed being wheeled into the ward. Is this where Fabian is going to sleep?

She exclaimed, “He’s such a brilliant man!”

Staring at the bed that would require the collective effort of four people to move it around, Hannah begged to differ. Brilliant? Why is he making a fuss when he’s only here for a night? Can’t he get the nurse to get him a bed from the hospital? Is it necessary to bring such a big bed here?

Fortunately, the VIP ward was relatively spacious as compared to the other wards. Otherwise, there was no way they could fit the huge bed.

When Fabian marched into the ward, he nodded, indicating he was satisfied since the bed was placed right next to Hannah’s bed.

Hannah glanced at him and appreciated the slightly over-the-top initiative he had taken to keep her company. It was something she could only imagine back in the day because he would only pick on her and tease her back then.

After he dismissed the onlookers, he told Helen, “Your accommodation is ready. Since it’s getting late, I’ll show you the way over so you know your way around.”

Helen, who had always been a straightforward person, answered, “Okay.”

Fabian turned around and looked at Hannah in the eyes and announced gently, “I’ll be back after I show her the way to her accommodation for the night.”

“Mmm! Get going then!”

Prior to her departure, Helen leaned over and whispered in Hannah’s ears, “You need to appreciate him, okay? You can’t afford to let such a lovely man slip out of your grip.”

After they departed, Hannah was left behind with an asleep Winson.

Sitting on the bed, Hannah muttered to herself, “Is Fabian everyone’s favorite? Why has Helen grown fond of him so soon?”

She heard the sound of the leaves rustling outside of the window. As a result, Hannah’s mind was all over the place again. Whenever she was alone, the image of Fabian would cross her mind.

His flawless facial features, sturdy figure, as well as his pair of big palms he had always used to tease her, flashed back in her mind. Hannah shook her head and tried to shrug his image off her mind, yet her effort was to no avail.

“Wow! You’re a man with a deep pocket!” Helen announced with her eyes widened in disbelief when she saw the Rolls Royce that was parked in front of the entrance.

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