Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1171

Fabian opened the door and beckoned Helen to board the car in a courteous manner.

“Thanks, Fabian!” Helen was all smiles because she was pleasantly surprised. She then boarded the car as invited.

After Fabian returned to the driver’s seat, the luxurious car whizzed through the bustling streets.

On their way to Helen’s accommodation for the night, the excited woman asked, “Fabian, can you let me use your car in the future?”

She thought it was an inappropriate request. Thus, she added, “Don’t worry! I’m a qualified driver! Your car is in good hands with me!”

As he shook his head, she thought he was about to turn her down.

Thus, she pursed her lips and secretly complained to herself.

Hmph! He’s such a stingy man! Fine! I think it’s better to stay away from such a luxurious vehicle because I can’t possibly afford the hefty maintenance fees either!

“If you like it, I’ll get you one,” Fabian replied as though it was just another trivial matter.

“Huh?” Helen stared at him wide-eyed and thought she had been hearing things when he offered to get her one.

She tried her best to calm herself down and rebuked, “That… that won’t be necessary because I just want to give it a try.”

It was the first time in forever she had the opportunity to board such a luxurious car. As she had just acquired her driving license, she merely wished to give it a try. In short, she dared not accept such a precious gift from him.

Fabian took her words seriously and decided to give her one since Helen was her sister-in-law. “You don’t have to be shy because I have another two which are currently left in the garage. I’ll get someone to bring you the key to the car soon.”

What the heck? Are you freaking serious?

Oh, God! Should I consider myself lucky or what? I mean, I’m so close to obtaining a luxurious car for free, yet I’m not allowed to accept it!

Helen wanted to accept the gift, yet she dared not because Hannah would definitely ask her to return it. On top of that, she couldn’t possibly afford the maintenance fee that would easily cost her a fortune.

She repeated herself and turned him down. “Let’s forget about it because I can’t even maintain my current lifestyle, let alone maintaining a car. Speaking of which, is there any place I can buy some clothes here?”

Helen had headed over to the hospital the moment she returned. Thus, she didn’t have her clothes with her. As she would be spending the next few days there, she needed a few extra sets of clothes. To prevent troubling her parents, she decided to buy them.

“You want to buy some clothes? I’ll bring you to a boutique after checking in to the room.” Fabian replied while looking out the window. It seemed he had something else in mind.

Helen nodded and tapped on Fabian’s shoulder, asserting with a smirk, “Since you’re such a great brother-in-law, I won’t turn my back against you!”

He turned around and queried, “Oh? What do you mean?”

“Mr. Jackson, the one who had brought Hannah a bouquet, asked me out for a meal with him. Initially, I was about to turn him down, but I have changed my mind and decided to join him for a meal with a different goal in mind—to defend you. Don’t you think I’m an awesome sister-in-law?”

“Does that mean I have successfully earned your trust?”

“I think so?” Helen shrugged her shoulders and said, “Actually, it doesn’t really make any difference anyway.”


“Isn’t it obvious? I’m pretty sure you’re the one my sister wishes to spend the rest of her life with. Mr. Jackson is, at most, a close acquaintance of hers.”

Really? Does that mean I’m actually a huge part of Hannah’s life? Why does it seem to be the other way round?

He felt great because of the positive remark from his sister-in-law. He had no intention to play humble. Instead, he reaffirmed with a proud look, “That’s definitely true!”

Soon, they reached their destination—a neighborhood full of villas. It was one of Fabian’s company’s many projects. When the guard caught a glimpse of the vehicle registration plate, he unlocked the gate because he knew Fabian was inside the car.

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