Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1173

“Hmm, I wonder who this is. I know! Aren’t you fast, Helen? Howard just ditched you, and see what you’ve got yourself so soon? What a slut.”

Shania looked at Helen contemptuously and turned to the man standing behind herself. “Howard, it’s plain to see that Helen’s a slut, right? Good thing that you’ve made the right choice. Who knows if she was already cheating with him when you guys were together.”

She then clung her hands onto his biceps and leaned her cheeks onto his, trying to make Helen’s hackles rise.

As for Howard, he bobbed his head to every word Shania said and praised her. “Oh, Shania. I’m lucky to have you. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have been able to see her true colors.”


What nonsense is this! I’ve had enough. Do you think that I’m a ball which you could kick around as you like?

Helen was as cross as two sticks. She couldn’t care less about how Fabian would judge her. She wasn’t having it. She lunged towards Helen and blabbered, “Who are you to criticize me, huh? Don’t you have anything else better to do? Did you just call me a slut? Then what are you? Look at the scores of boyfriends you had back in school. You just can’t help but snatch them from other girls, can you?” She then looked at Howard. “And you, Howard. You call yourself a man? I was blinded by god-knows-what when I was with you. I can’t believe that you let yourself dwindle into her arms for money. You’re no different from those gold-diggers!”

Helen raised her voice and was on the top of her shaming game. Passers-by came to a stop when they heard the commotion and saw four of them standing in the middle of the mall entrance.

They heard Helen’s bawl and criticism started to brew around Howard and Shania.

Both of them were mortified and their cheeks flushed in embarrassment. The recount of their past and present despicable led to a frenzy of rage.

“Bullsh*t! I didn’t dump you for Shania. And what you said about her was unfounded!” Howard’s finger was shuddering in anger when he pointed it at Helen.

“Oh, so you think that was unfounded? Well, you know what you did, so there’s no need to explain though.” Helen smirked unexpectedly but no one knew if it was because of his ridiculous comeback, or was she laughing at her naivety back then?

In a flash, Helen took Fabian’s hand and walked into the mall.

Fabian was amused by how stupid Howard and Shania looked and let Helen do whatever she wanted to.

Once they were out of the crowd, Helen let go of his hand and shyly explained where all that came from. “Fabian, sorry for being so unpolished back there. But I was really angry at how they lied so blatantly as if I did something wrong.”

Yup, She’s Hannah’s sister alright! They share the same temperament. Fabian couldn’t help but chuckle. “It’s alright as long as you’re still in the mood for shopping.”

“They really drive me crazy! Anyway, let’s not talk about them anymore. We need to start shopping as we’re visiting Hannah soon.” Despite her boiling rage, Helen didn’t bother to deal with them anymore. If it weren’t for Shania’s mean words, she would’ve just walked away from the start.

“Welcome, sir and madam. How may I help you?” A shop assistant greeted Helen.

“Oh, I’m looking for some blouses.”

Before the shop assistant could say anything, Shania interrupted. “I can’t believe that you’d dare to step into a shop like this. Can you even afford anything here?”

Shania was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Being pampered since young, the humiliation at the mall entrance was too much for her to bear.

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