Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1176

Shania was over the moon and shouted in excitement. “Give it your all, boys! Go at it hammer and tongs! I’ll answer for it.”

Fabian glared at Shania before giving the security guards a warning. “Keep your hands where they are. Or else…”

Helen’s palpitating heart pushed her to jump into the rescue. “Stay right where you are! He’s Mr. Norton!” she yelped.

The men froze. Howard chortled scornfully, “Hahaha! Stop your nonsense, Helen. Have you ever seen a CEO fighting in a mall? Is that the best you’ve got?”

That triggered the laughing bone of the security guards too, and they turned a deaf ear to her words.

Fabian gave them a piercing stare. “This is your last chance. Stand back!”

“F*ck your last chance. You don’t know what situation you’re in. Whack him, boys!” The chief security officer knew who Shania was and was hoping that his favorable action would earn him a promotion. Her words could change his life forever. That was why he put on his best game.

But before he had time to draw breath, Fabian whipped him with the belt that was securely sitting around his waist seconds ago.

The metal buckle hit him right on his skull and sent him howling in pain. He got more agitated. You filthy little rat! How dare you mess around and beat me in my territory! I’m going to get you!

There was an unexpected warm trickle down the side of his head, and he tried to figure out what it was. Oh my god! His hand was covered in blood. “Boys, don’t hold back! He’s gonna meet his maker today!” the chief security officer yapped.

All he wanted to do now was to kill Fabian. The injury on his head didn’t stop him from charging at Fabian. But he learned his lesson, so he let his men do it instead of leading the pack himself.

Fabian’s grip tightened to the extent where the veins along his arm engorged.

Helen was all impressed, she saw Fabian was exuding an air of eminence, like Alexander the Great leading his army in a war.

You are so cool, Fabian! Bravo! She then got up and walked towards Fabian.

As the security guards marched closer, Fabian spotted Helen closing in too.

Give me a break. Why are both the sisters so stupid? What is she trying to do?

Fabian could either fight the men where Helen might get hurt in the process, or hold her in his arms to protect her.

He chose the latter and pressed her head into his chest, safeguarding her from any harm. At that very instant, a punch catapulted towards him.

“Mr. Norton!” someone shrieked in time before damage was done.

He, together with a few buff men of towering heights, came running to Fabian’s rescue.

The security guards held their ground and started analyzing those men.

“Why stop? Go on!” The chief security officer swung his fist towards the back of Fabian’s head.

Bonk! The leader of the big men leaped and kicked the chief security officer right on his chest. Fabian’s head was spared, but his shoulder took the blow.

“Ow!” The chief security officer was sent flying and crashed onto the floor.

“Forgive us for our tardiness, Mr. Norton.” The owner of the flying kick quickly got up and bowed to Fabian apologetically.

He then signaled his men to siege the security officers.

As for the chief security officer who was still on the floor, all he could think of was what awaited him. Oh my god. What have I gotten myself into! That brat is really Mr. Norton! I’m a goner…

Wait a minute. The Wandrie family also holds power in this city. I did it for Ms. Wandrie and this man slapped her, didn’t he? Some nice words from her might solve the problem!

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