Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1177

The chief security officer looked at Fabian vengefully and thought he might be lucky enough to get away.

Fabian’s brows spiked in pain when he gave his shoulder a brisk rub. “It’s okay now.” He calmed Helen down.

Helen burst tears of relief and wailed. She felt a strong lurch from Fabian while being cradled in his arms. That punch on the shoulder must’ve been very strong.

She was deeply touched by what Fabian had done to protect her, and it made her like him even more.

“It’s okay. There’s no need to cry.” He softly patted her shoulder as he consoled her.

Helen tried her best to resist her urge to cry. Fabian had now acquired her trust and also a harmonious relationship.

I’m glad that Hannah found a reliable man like him.

“Well, what you did just now was very much like what your sister might’ve done too,” Fabian tittered in amusement.

“Haha. That’s what they say about sisters! We share all the good and bad.” Helen broke into a giggle.

Fabian then turned towards the men with a face as cold as stone. “Who was the one who punched me?”

His voice wasn’t disruptively loud, but it was threatening enough to make everyone quiver.

“I shall ask this one last time. Who did it!” This time, his voice exploded like a grenade and almost tore everyone’s eardrums.

Undoubtedly, something bad was happening. They were dealing with the devil.

The chief security officer was perspiring profusely in a cold sweat. Since his fate was already sealed, he might as well roll the dice and own it up. It was improbable that he could get out alive, but who knows what miracles Ms. Wandrie could do. With that, he clenched his teeth and admitted. “It was me!”

Fabian threw him a vile glance and a devilish smile. “Impressive. You’re a brave man. Sadly, there’s no reward for it.”

Fabian’s silent grin sent chills all over the chief security officer’s system.

Tap—tap—tap…The whole mall was so quiet that only Fabian’s footsteps were audible.

As he drew nearer, the chief security officer mustered some courage and defended himself. “I… did it to pro…tect Ms. Wandrie!”

Fabian crouched down. “Oh? Is that so? Do you think she could save you? Why don’t you check with her and see if she’s willing to do that for you?”

The chief security officer immediately tossed his desperate eyes towards Shania.

She caught sight of Fabian’s ruthless aura and responded with a crumpled face. If she didn’t save the security officer, no one would risk their lives for her in the future. But the thing is she didn’t know who Fabian actually was and couldn’t gauge how far he would go. She’s like a cat on a hot tin roof.

“Who dares bully the daughter to Kyron Wandrie?” A sonorous voice disentangled her scruffy thoughts and drew a wide smile on her face. “Dad, I’m here!”

Fabian got up and turned his head towards the source. It was a middle-aged man waddling in wearing a maroon suit stuffed by his barrel-like torso. A few silver strands adorned his dark hair, and his eyes were sharp and deep. He must’ve been hustling in business for a good period of time.

Kyron steadily walked to his daughter. When he walked past Fabian, something told him to slow down. He’d seen him somewhere before.

Fabian gestured for one of his men to come closer. After he whispered something into his ear, the man trotted out of the shop.

“Oh, Shania. What happened to your face? Tell me who did it.” The reddish remnant from Fabian’s slap caught Kyron’s attention. Shania was the only child in the family, thus getting all the undivided love from her father.

“Dad, you won’t believe what atrocious ordeal I went through!” And out poured her tears, as if she really went through hell.

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