Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1178

“My dearest Shania, tell me what happened. I’ve got your back.” Kyron caringly stroked Shania on the back.

“Dad, he slapped me so hard and left this on my face!” Shania pointed at Fabian angrily.

“What? He slapped you!” Within seconds, Kyron switched into a raving mad mode and glared at Fabian. In his deep and husky voice, he bellowed, “Nobody gets to bully my dearest daughter—the heiress to the Wandrie family!”

Fabian was at ease, still. He jaunted towards Kyron and gave an impish smile. “So, what do you want?”

“You are paying for your deed!” Kyron’s eyes bulged in rage.

His bodyguards encircled him, and he remained undeterred. He’d been through enough to handle situations like this. “Violence won’t put a stop to this. You do understand that the society we live in is all about money?”

“Oh? Are you trying to educate me?” Kyron’s talk about money almost cracked Fabian up. The Norton family was the biggest financial group in the nation. Hence, it was rather ridiculous of the Wandrie family to look down on them.

Another bunch of men with batons in their hands marched in and formed a ring around Fabian.

“Young man, what I was trying to say was know your place. You wouldn’t wanna be of disadvantage, would you?” The snigger on Kyron’s face shouted victory.

Shania was all peppy, assuming that she had the upper hand. She went up to Fabian and started to poke fun at him. “Weren’t you all high and mighty just now? Have you turned mute? I’m a lady with a big heart, though. All you have to do is drag that woman over here and apologize for what both of you’ve done. On top of that, a compensation of around a million would straighten things out.

Kyron nodded in agreement to Shania’s proposal. He could also see that Fabian was from a prominent family and didn’t want to burn bridges. However, his precious daughter would always come first.

The chief security officer was more than relieved to see the story unfold. He reckoned that luck was on his side. The Wandrie family was still a prestigious name after all.

“Mr. Wandrie, do you think that’s fair? Better think it through. I shall take it as a silly suggestion by Ms. Wandrie, who’s young and inexperienced, and leave it like that.” Fabian was calm and composed when he threw this question to Kyron.

His words got Kyron’s attention. He looked at Fabian and fell deep into his thoughts. After all, he had gotten guileful from jostling in the business world all these years. He noticed that Fabian wasn’t just an average Joe. He must’ve been an heir to a reputable family. Even if he wasn’t, he was sure to have a bright future ahead of him.

Seeing her dad hesitated, Shania softly yanked Kyron’s arms and started complaining pitifully. “Dad, look at what he has done to my pretty face? If you forgive him, everybody’s gonna bully me in the future!”

“Calm down, Shania. He’ll get what he deserves.” Kyron’s love for his daughter overwrote his rationality.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. That’s too bad.” Fabian shook his head and let out a sigh.

“Hmph! You are damn right it is too bad! Are you gonna say sorry?” Shania snarled.

Fabian stood confidently and refused to utter a word. There was not even a slightest hint of worry on his face, instead he was brimming with confidence.

Fabian’s stubbornness sparked Kyron to respond. “If that’s the case—”

Brrr—Brrr—Brrr… It was Kyron’s phone. There seemed to be a smile on Fabian’s face.

“Hello, what’s the matter?” Kyron forced out a smile as he spoke on the phone.

“Mr. Kyron, due to your reputation, the Phoenix Group has decided to stop our collaboration with you.”

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