Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1183

Hannah paused for a bit before she continued, “You all know I’m a journalist, right? My company assigned me to interview him, but he didn’t want to entertain me. I waited for him and begged him to give me some time. In the end, he agreed…”

Hannah continued making up two stories to convince the Blackwoods that Fabian had acknowledged her as his sister.

She then gently cleared her throat and looked at Lyna, hoping that she would buy her stories.

Hannah’s face blushed instantly as she was not used to telling lies. Upon noticing how her cheeks turned pink, Lyna thought she was embarrassed and believed her stories. “Ah, so that explains your relationship with Mr. Norton. I would have thought you two are together had you not told me this.”

Lyna did not doubt her explanation because she believed Hannah would have told everyone the truth if she had someone as perfect as Fabian as her boyfriend.

Yet, another question popped up in Lyna’s mind. Why did Fabian say she’s his girlfriend then?

All of a sudden, Fabian opened the door and walked into the ward.

Upon seeing Fabian standing by the door, Hannah instantly called, “Hey, I told them about us.”

Please cooperate with me. Please!

Fabian could not help but laugh silently. What is she up to now?

His lips curled into a smile as he walked closer. “All right then. We have nothing to hide anyway.”

Hannah heaved a sigh of relief right away. She was glad that he played along. Otherwise, she would have a hard explaining herself to this group of people.

Lyna no longer had any doubts about Hannah’s stories now. She was delighted to know that they were not in a relationship.

Lyna and Leo looked at Fabian and greeted him.

Fabian smiled and responded with a nod.

He would not even bother to entertain them if it were not for Hannah. Though Lyna was quite a beauty, and he had had a fling with her in the past, Fabian was no longer the Casanova he was before as he had developed strong feelings for Hannah.

“I’m so grateful that you’ve taken some time off to visit my daughter,” Leo said with a grin. He was trying his best to get in his good books.

“She’s my sister. It’s my duty to take good care of her,” Fabian responded with a brief answer. He then walked up to Hannah and asked, “How are you feeling?”

Every time Fabian showed concern like this, Hannah’s heart would skip a beat. “Yeah, I feel much better now.”

“Come. Let me.” Fabian took over the bowl from Lyna.

He wants to feed her? Why would he do that if he only treats her like a sister?

Lyna decided to play nice since she wanted to leave a good impression on Fabian. “I’m so glad that you really care for Hannah. Come, take the seat.” She stood up and made way for him.

As someone with great social skills, Lyna knew what to do to please a man. That was why she gave up her seat and let him sit next to Hannah.

Fabian nodded but did not thank Lyna as if it was something she ought to do.

“I’ll get Amelia to make this soup for you in the future.” Fabian blew on the soup in the spoon to cool it down before putting it near Hannah’s mouth.

Hannah nodded, and her face blushed instantly.

While Hannah thought what he did was sweet, Leo, on the other hand, was offended by his remark. Did he imply the soup we brought is not good for her?

“Hello? Mr. Jackson?” Helen picked up her phone and called Xavier. After the incident at the fashion boutique, she decided to help Fabian.

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