Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1185

“Oh, one more thing. You must get a pink one. Hannah loves that color, and make sure you draw a Cupid on the first page. I bet she’ll like it.” Helen felt it was time for her to stop. “That’s all. You better go and prepare it now. I hope you’ll take good care of Hannah once she becomes your girlfriend!”

“I promise I will treat her well!”

Xavier ended the call and with a smile on his face. Ha! I guess I should be grateful to Fabian for screwing things up for himself. Thank God I’ve contacted Helen and befriends her. Otherwise, I wouldn’t know this secret about Hannah. She’ll be mine soon!

Xavier snapped his finger and ordered his assistant, “Go and buy a pink notebook that comes with a lock. Choose a really nice, do you hear me?”

“A notebook. Do you mean the kind of notebook kids used to write their secrets? Are you sure? What do you need it for?” The assistant wondered.

Xavier’s expression turned grim. He slammed the back of his assistant’s head. “Just shut up and get one right now!”

“Why do you have so much to say? Is it time for me to fix you?” threatened Xavier.

The assistant exclaimed in pain and massaged his head. “I’m sorry. I’ll go and get it now.”

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Leo and Lyna were ready to leave the ward.

“All right. Take care.” Fabian said casually without paying much attention to the couple.

“See you, Mr. Norton.” Leo nodded and bowed. He did all he could to please Fabian.

Compared to Leo, Lyna obviously knew a more practical way to leave a good impression on Fabian. She walked toward Hannah and grinned, “We got to go now. I’ll come and visit you tomorrow, okay?”

“All right. See you soon,” Hannah responded with a smile.

Once the Blackwoods left, Fabian teased Hannah. “So, tell me since when you have become my sister?”

Fabian was not afraid that Winson might hear him since he had fallen asleep. There were only two of them in the ward.

“Stop teasing me.” Hannah lowered her head in embarrassment.

“Someone’s very good at making up stories, huh?” Fabian continued teasing. “I bet you’ll do well as an entertainment journalist.”

“You expect me to write gossips about celebrities?” Hannah knitted her brows and stared at Fabian.

Fabian chuckled. “Wow, someone’s ego has blown up.”

Fabian said, inched closer, and stuck his face in front of hers.

Hannah looked away and answered sheepishly. “No, I’m not.”

Fabian refused to give in. He got up to her bed and leaned next to her.

Every time she moved away from him, he would come closer from behind.

In the end, she had come to a point where there was no space for her to move anymore.

What are you going to do now? Do you think you can run away from me? Where else can you run?

Fabian gave her a smirk. He was not ready to stop what he had intended to do.

Hannah’s eyes widened as she knew what Fabian wanted. “Do you even remember I’m a patient?”

Hannah hoped that Fabian would sympathize with her and let her off.

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