Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1186

However, she did not get what she wanted. “Who gave you permission to address me by name?” Fabian inched closer to her dismay.

He was so close to her that she could feel the heat from his breath on her face.

“I…” Hannah was at a loss for words. I want to fight back, but I’m scared of what he might do if I were to anger him… He isn’t like most other people, after all…

“Well?” Fabian pressed on and kissed her on the lips before she could respond.

Naturally, Hannah didn’t dare resist him and let him have his way with his tongue in her mouth.

Fabian was even running his hands all over her body, and only stopped when it reached her breasts.

Hannah couldn’t help but shudder as she let out a shy moan in response, her face burning bright red like a newborn baby.

Her reaction only turned Fabian on further, and he increased the intensity of his kiss by moving his tongue all over the inside of her mouth.

Having gone numb and blank from his barrage of kisses, Hannah found herself returning the kisses just as aggressively.

She would slide her tongue into his mouth slowly, only to pull back suddenly out of fear and panic. Eventually, she came to learn how warm it made her feel after repeating the process several times and got bolder with her kisses.

After what seemed like an eternity, Fabian was finally able to suppress his raging lust and slowly let go of her.

The sudden halt snapped Hannah out of her euphoric state, and she pouted at him when she felt the pain on her tongue from their aggressive kissing. Before she could say something, she noticed the huge bulge on Fabian’s pants and shut her eyes tightly as she blushed hard.

“What’s the matter? You weren’t acting like this a moment ago!” he asked with a mischievous smile.

Damn you, Fabian! This is all your fault! I wouldn’t have reacted that way if it weren’t for what you did… Hannah thought to herself as she looked away in embarrassment.

Fabian grinned in satisfaction when he saw her all flustered and decided to stop teasing her any further. “I ran into Helen’s ex-boyfriend when we went shopping for clothes today.”

“Huh?” Hannah was surprised. From what I know, Helen’s ex-boyfriend had dumped her for someone else because of money… To make matters worse, he’d even try to bully her whenever he sees her! Well, I don’t think anyone would be able to bully her with Fabian by her side, though…

Unable to contain her curiosity, Hannah bolted upright and asked, “What happened then? Tell me!”

Fabian told her everything that happened during their encounter with Shania earlier in the day, much to Hannah’s delight.

“Hmph, the evil shall slay the wicked! That’s what she deserves for bullying Helen!”

Hannah was really close with her sister, so she nearly lost it when she heard about how Helen had been bullied.

“Who are you calling wicked?” The look in Fabian’s eyes turned cold as he prepared to kiss her again.

Hannah quickly covered her mouth with her hands. “I… I wasn’t talking about you! I was talking about Shania! Yes, that’s right! She’s wicked for bullying Helen!”

“Who are you calling evil, then?” Fabian pressed on while grabbing hold of her wrists.

“I… Helen! That’s right, I was talking about Helen! She’s become quite evil ever since you came into her life!” Hannah stammered. I’m sorry, Helen! Please don’t blame me for saying this! I had no choice! I don’t mean it!

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