Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1189

“I think Lynnie is a nice person, and she cares about me too. What Felicia did was wrong, but her actions had nothing to do with her daughter,” Hannah continued after a brief pause.

Lynnie? Heh, you two sure got all chummy real quick… Did she brainwash you into defending her or something? Lyna’s a scheming woman, and her mother is no different! I may not have any evidence at the moment, but she’s definitely the reason your mom committed suicide!

Fabian faced a moral dilemma as he wanted to warn Hannah about them, but he didn’t want to ruin the innocence in her.

Unaware of his thoughts, Hannah felt angry and frustrated when she saw him sit there in silence.

Hmph! All you do is bully a weak little girl like me every day! Why don’t you go bully someone else instead? You meanie! I know he has his reasons for asking those questions, and he probably means well, but… The way he does things just pisses me off so much!

“I see… Don’t mind me, I was just asking.” In the end, Fabian decided not to tell her about it so he could maintain that innocence of hers that he really treasured.

What a weirdo… Hannah thought to herself as she said, “No problem, just ask all you like!”

She gave in not because she wanted to please Fabian, but because she was afraid of angering him.

Fabian found her response amusing. Who would’ve thought that the headstrong and fearless Hannah would say something like this? Guess I should be a little more aggressive with her to remind her who’s boss!

“So, what do you plan on doing about your mom’s death?” he asked in a gentler tone.

He knew Hannah was the kind who would prefer to mind her own business but would also retaliate without hesitation if she was provoked. As such, he couldn’t fathom why she would be so casual about her mom’s suicide.

Hannah found herself at a loss upon hearing that as well.

Despite what I said, I don’t really know what to do. So many years have passed, and Felicia seems to be the only person who knows the truth behind what happened.

“That happened a long time ago, so let’s not talk about it anymore. I want the past to remain in the past,” she replied after letting out a huge sigh.

Fabian found her response somewhat odd as he didn’t think she would just let it go like that.

“I’ve seen the files you gave me, but there’s no evidence to prove that Felicia had left my mom for dead. It was all just a rumor. My mom had committed suicide from depression after losing me, and I’m not about to just shamelessly pin it all on Felicia,” Hannah explained when she saw the confused look on Fabian’s face.

“Well, I’m glad you see it that way. I was worried you wouldn’t be able to let it go,” Fabian said and breathed a sigh of relief. Of course, he would’ve done all he could to investigate the incident if she wanted to get to the bottom of things.

Hannah shook her head and smiled. “All right, let’s just drop this topic, okay?”

Meanwhile, over half of the employees were present in the office at Jackson Group.

However, the only work they were doing was help Xavier come up with pickup lines as he had offered to pay them a hundred per line.

Xavier held a black fountain pen in one hand and a pink notebook in the other as he sat in his chair.

“Hurry up, people! Just tell me whatever lines you have!” he said while looking up at them.

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