Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1190

“I’ve got one, Mr. Jackson! My love for you is like the eternal flame guiding me forward in the darkest nights into your embrace…”

“Could you get any more old-fashioned? I need it to be artistic, okay? It has to make me sound sophisticated!” Xavier wasn’t satisfied with that suggestion and emphasized his request.

“Ooh, I know! There’s only one thing I want to change about you, and that’s your last name.”

“That’s a good one! Repeat it so I can write it down!” Xavier began scribbling into his notebook, much to that employee’s delight as he said it again.

Haha, I’m really talented at this! Since Mr. Jackson is offering us a hundred per line, I’ve got to come up with a lot more!

“All right, next!” Xavier called out to the rest of the employees.

“I have one, Mr. Jackson!”

“Me too!”

With such a huge reward for something so simple, everyone began fighting to share their pickup lines.

“One at a time, people! There’s plenty of chances for all of you!” Xavier said while glancing at the notebook in his hand.

His assistant on the other hand, wasn’t too happy as he helped calculate and keep track of the reward.

Okay, a hundred for this guy, and two for that guy… Oh, my… This secretary has submitted ten entries, so that’s a thousand for him! Mr. Jackson, I’ve been working under you for a few years and have contributed tons of ideas, but you’ve never even given me a bonus… Can you imagine how miserable I feel…

In the meantime, Hannah had fallen asleep in the VIP ward. Her body was still fairly weak after the surgery, so she got tired after a brief chat with Fabian.

Her breathing was shallow, and she had Fabian’s palm sandwiched between hers as she lay on her side.

Fabian let out a chuckle when he saw her eyelids flutter like a butterfly’s wings and gently caressed her cheek.

As expected of my woman… She still looks so charming even when she’s asleep! That smooth and fair complexion, that faint smile…

He then leaned in closer and gave her a quick kiss on forehead.

“All right, folks! We’re finally done for the day! You can all head home now!” Xavier called out to his employees as he closed his notebook and stood up to stretch.

After that, he left the office with the pink notebook in hand while his employees continued to discuss.

“Huh? That’s it? I’ve only made a thousand! I can come up with a few more!”

“Hey, don’t be so greedy! I only got eight hundred, so be happy that you’ve made a lot more than you would working overtime!”

“Yeah, I suppose you’re right… If Mr. Jackson would just court a couple more women during his free time, we’d make a fortune!”

“Haha! If that were the case, I’d resign from my position and just work for Mr. Jackson as his pickup line contributor!”

Wesley felt depressed when he heard what they said. He wasn’t planning on coming over, to begin with, but he did because Xavier’s assistant had repeatedly asked him to. He knew how close Xavier and his assistant were, so he didn’t dare offend him for fear of losing his job.

“I’m an art major, so I really don’t understand why you’d make me come here…” Wesley grumbled to himself. I sat here for a few hours, and I haven’t made a single penny out of this while they’re all making hundreds and even thousands!

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