Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1191

Of course, Wesley didn’t get hired by Jackson Group for nothing. Being one of the top few companies in the country, Jackson Group set a very high bar for its entry requirements. Wesley was only able to make it in because he single-handedly drew a perfect circle during his interview.

Wesley was about to leave when he heard a familiar voice call out to him, “Wesley, can I have a minute with you?”

That voice… It’s Mr. Jackson’s assistant…

Despite feeling extremely unhappy, Wesley forced a smile on his face as he turned around anyway. “Yes?”

“Mr. Jackson wants you over at his office.”

“Huh? Mr. Jackson wants to see me?” Wesley was confused.

“Well? Go on then!” Xavier’s assistant said impatiently, still feeling upset about not getting anything for his hard work.

Wesley felt uneasy as he made his way towards the president’s office. Is Mr. Jackson going to fire me because he thinks I’m incompetent for not coming up with any pick-up lines? That shouldn’t be the case. I’m only in charge of advertising and marketing, so coming up with pick-up lines isn’t in my job description at all!

Wesley saw Xavier leaning against his chair and going through his pink notebook when he entered his office.

Wesley cleared his throat and asked, “Ahem… You want to see me, Mr. Jackson?”

Mhmm… These are all very good… I bet Hannah would love them! Should I put a diamond ring in the notebook as well to make it more romantic? Hmm… Nah, she might find it a little too abrupt… Xavier kept nodding and shaking his head as he thought about that.

He was so focused on going through the contents of the notebook that he didn’t even notice Wesley standing there and staring at him with a confused look on his face.

What’s Mr. Jackson going on about? Why is he nodding and shaking his head like that?

Wesley gave it some thought and began explaining himself, “Mr. Jackson, you see… I’m from the Planning Department, and I’ve been performing pretty well so far, but literature really isn’t my thing…”

“I hear you’re an art major, is that correct?” Xavier interrupted him with a smile.

Wesley felt a shiver down his spine when he heard that and saw the smile on Xavier’s face.

“Yes, Mr. Jackson… I am indeed an art major…”

Xavier’s eyes lit up, and he smiled even brighter as he said, “Great! I want you to draw a Cupid on this piece of paper over here.”

He then pushed the paper on his desk towards Wesley who stared wide-eyed at him in confusion and disbelief. “Huh?”

I can’t even tell if Mr. Jackson is joking… Did he seriously ask to see me just so he could have me draw him a Cupid? C-Could it be that Mr. Jackson is actually gay? Was the whole pick-up line thing just a cover-up? Has he been setting his sights on me the whole time?

Wesley began freaking out as he came up with all sorts of theories.

“You don’t know how to draw a Cupid?” Xavier narrowed his eyes at him.

“I…I do! I do!” Wesley stammered as he fumbled for the pen and began drawing on the paper.

“It’s done, Mr. Jackson! Here, have a look!” Wesley said as he handed Xavier the drawing, still feeling a little creeped out inside.

“All right, let me see…” Xavier mumbled as he took the drawing over and began examining it closely.

“Hmm… Very well done!” He then handed Wesley the notebook filled with pick-up lines, causing the latter to back away in shock.

Holy sh*t! I was right about him being into me?

Wesley swallowed nervously at the thought of that. “Mr. Jackson, I have a wife and kid…”

“That’s no big deal! I don’t mind it at all!” Xavier said with a chuckle.

Well, I do, Mr. Jackson! I thought I can’t believe I made it into a great company, only for things to end up like this! I…I don’t think my virgin ass can withstand the abuse…

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