Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1192

“Mr. Jackson, will you please spare me in view of my contribution and hard work towards the company? I’m sure you can find someone else a lot better than I am!” Wesley was close to tears at that point.

“Well, my assistant tells me you’re the best, so would you please stop refusing?” Xavier was perplexed. It’s just a drawing, damn it! You did pretty well on the paper earlier, so why are you chickening out now? It’s not like I’d fire you if it doesn’t turn out well!

Wesley was petrified. I knew that assistant of his was up to no good! I was wondering why he was able to keep his job for so long despite being so useless, but now it’s clear as day… He knew what Mr. Jackson is into, and has been hooking up with him! Still, why bring me into all this? No, this won’t do… I would rather lose my job than stay here and get violated!

With that in mind, Wesley turned around and made a run for the door, only to have it open before he was able to reach the handle.

He took a few steps back in surprise when he saw that it was Xavier’s assistant.

“Hmm? Are you two finished here?” The assistant asked with a smile when he saw that Wesley was about to leave.

“No, he seems to be a little nervous.” Xavier shook his head helplessly.

The assistant rolled his eyes and gave Wesley a pat on the shoulder as he said, “What’s there to be nervous about? It’s obvious that you’re the right man for the job! I would’ve done it myself if I wasn’t so bad at it!”

He then leaned in closer to Wesley and whispered, “I went straight for you the moment Mr. Jackson gave me the word, you know? Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on such a great opportunity!”

Are you sure this is even great at all? I’m disgusted just thinking about it, and you’re here talking about it so casually… I don’t think running is possible now that it’s come to this… Even so, I won’t submit myself to them! In the worst-case scenario, I’ll go to the police!

“Seeing that you’re the more experienced one here, I think you should do it instead! I don’t think I can manage!” Wesley said while waving his hands nervously.

“What are you saying? I don’t know how to draw a Cupid! I wouldn’t need you to do so if I did!” the assistant snapped back at him impatiently. You fool! What can’t you just do as you are told? I don’t want to get another slap from our boss.

“That’s okay. I can teach you! In fact, I can teach you right now!” Wesley replied.

“Are you crazy? We don’t have time for that! Damn it, I wouldn’t have asked you for help if I knew you are this unreliable! Look, you can either draw the damn Cupid or pack your stuff and get the hell out of this company!” The assistant almost lost his temper. I thought this guy seemed pretty reliable, yet why is he acting like this at such a critical moment?

Me? Crazy? You guys are the crazy ones calling me unreliable for not being into that stuff! I…

Realizing he might have gotten the wrong idea, Wesley asked, “Wait… What did you say? What was it you wanted me to draw?”

“A Cupid, duh! Didn’t Mr. Jackson tell you?” the assistant retorted angrily.

“Hey, can you do it or not? If you can’t, I’ll get someone else who can!” Xavier had lost his patience and shouted at the two of them who were whispering by the door.

“Of course, I can!” Wesley was quick to respond. He then turned towards the assistant and apologized awkwardly, “I’m sorry I got the wrong idea earlier!”

With that, Wesley returned to the desk and began drawing in the notebook.

“What does he mean by the wrong idea?” the assistant mumbled to himself in confusion as he walked up to Wesley and watched him draw.

Hmm… Not bad, not bad at all… Mr. Jackson should be satisfied with this, I suppose.

Wesley put down the pen a few minutes later and showed Xavier what he had drawn in the notebook.

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