Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1194

“Oh, dear! I’m sorry I stepped on your foot by accident, Jason! You wouldn’t be so petty as to hold it against a poor defenseless girl like me, would you?”

She then giggled gleefully before running towards Hannah’s ward as quickly as she could.

What a witch! How dare you do this to me! I won’t forgive you! I… Wait… No, if I go after her, it will just make me seem petty like she said, and that simply won’t do! I’m the future successor of Goldstein Group, and I can’t afford to have people know that I’ll do such a thing! Hmph, fine! I’ll let you off the hook this once, but you’d better not mess with me again! Jason thought to himself as he followed behind her.

“Hey, Hannah! Are you awake? I’m coming in!” Helen shouted while knocking on the door.

“Yeah, come on in!” Hannah called out to her in response.

Helen then opened the door and went inside with Jason.

“Good morning, Hannah and Fabian! Oh, Jason too…” Helen greeted them and even made sure to place extra emphasis on Jason’s name just to spite him.

Jason snorted at her and greeted them as well, “Hello, Hannah and Fabian!”

He then turned towards Winson who had just finished brushing his teeth in the bathroom and said, “Hey, Winson! Aren’t you going to greet us?”

Winson was an obedient kid and always did as Jason asked. “Hi, Jason! Helen too!”

Jason nodded at him in satisfaction before turning towards Helen. “Hear that? He addressed me first! That’s how unimportant you are!”

Helen rolled her eyes at him in response. “Are you seriously using a child like this? How much more shameless can you get?”

“That’s none of your business! Oh, by the way, Aunt Gillian said you should address me like you would your own brother! I suggest you do so or she might need to have a word with you! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!” Jason said nonchalantly with his head held high, acting as if he had won the battle.

Helen was about to say something in response, but Hannah cut her off instead, “That’s enough, you two. Did you sleep well, Helen?” Watching this two bicker sure gives me a headache!

“It was good! How could I not sleep well when the villa that Fabian provided me with was practically customized to my preferences? Everything, including the bedsheets and pillows, were specifically replaced with the ones I like! I slept like a log!” Helen boasted while smirking at Jason who stared at Fabian in disbelief.

Is that true? You’ve never treated me this well even after all these years I’ve been around you!

“Pfft… I’ve been staying in a villa for so long now, and it’s not as great as you make it sound!” Jason said with a shrug in an attempt to spite her back. Heh! Trying to spite me, are you? It’s not going to be that easy!

Helen tilted her head and acted like she was in deep thought as she said, “Hmm… That probably means Fabian doesn’t like you enough to customize everything to your liking, so it doesn’t feel as great for you!”

Seeing as Jason had nothing to say in response, Helen stuck her tongue out at him before scurrying over towards Fabian.

“Come with me, Fabian! I have something to tell you!”

“Hmm? Me?” Fabian was a little surprised. What could Helen possibly want to tell me?

Helen dragged Fabian aside, glancing around cautiously as if she was afraid that someone would overhear their conversation.

Oh, please! I’m not the slightest bit interested in what you have to tell Fabian! You’re probably just asking him to buy you some fancy handbag or dress anyway! I know you all too well, Helen!

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