Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1196

What the hell did she say to Fabian to make him so happy? Hannah may have accepted my cosmetic products, but she thinks I’m just trying to bribe her or something! We’re both trying to please them, so why are the results so different? Fabian, you’re an elite businessman for goodness’ sake! Even Hannah could tell that something was off, and yet here you are, laughing with Helen like a fool…

Jason was not amused. At the same time, he sulked at how differently Fabian was treating them. It was a world apart.

How could you do this to me?

“Why are you staring at me like that? Is it because I’m pretty?” Helen asked.

“Nonsense! Man, how is it that you’re so different from your sister? She’s so gentle and kind, while you’re all feisty and annoying! You should learn a thing or two from Hannah or you might become a spinster for the rest of your life!” Jason said, killing two birds with one stone by praising Hannah and insulting Helen at the same time.

“Well, I am happy to remain single and it’s none of your business! Why are you sucking up to my sister anyway, huh? Are you trying to get her on your side? Fat chance! She’s my sister, so she’ll definitely take my side!” Helen snapped back at him.

She then turned towards Hannah and continued, “You’d better be careful of this guy, Hannah! For all we know, he might just betray you anytime!”

Jason was seething with anger as he glared at Helen, but Hannah spoke up before he could say anything, “Helen, how could you say that to Jason? Apologize to him!”

Ha! I was right to give her the cosmetic products!

Jason thought Hannah was defending him because he gave her those cosmetic products, but she was actually just saying that because she felt Helen had gone overboard.

Jason puffed up his chest as he prepared himself to receive Helen’s apology, but all he heard was Fabian’s charming voice, “Jason, could you go buy Hannah breakfast? She hasn’t eaten anything this morning.”

Jason frowned reluctantly as he protested, “Can’t we just have someone bring the food over? Why do I have to go buy it myself?”

“It’s better for her to have something light for breakfast, so there’s no need to have someone else do it.” Noticing the unhappy look on his face, Fabian continued after a brief pause, “Come on, I’ll go with you.”

Fabian then turned around and left, and Jason had no choice but to follow suit.

“Whose side are you on, Fabian? Mine or Helen’s? Why are you always caring about her? I can’t stand her at all!” Jason ranted the moment they stepped out of the ward.

“She’s your sister too, you know? Can’t you be a little nicer to her?” Fabian lectured him.

Sh*t, I am done for. She’s brainwashed Fabian so much that he’s completely on her side now. Jason rolled his eyes and shrugged in frustration. “Fine, I’ll shut up then.”

Aw, what’s the matter? Is he throwing a tantrum with me now? Fabian smiled as he pulled something out of his pocket and fiddled with it before handing it over to Jason.

Jason’s eyes lit up instantly when he saw it, and he broke into a huge grin as he said, “I knew you’d take my side! Are you giving me this to cheer me up?”

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