Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1197

He then snatched it over from Fabian and smiled even brighter as he continued, “Thank you so much, Fabian!” I guess being insulted by Helen does have its perks, after all!

Fabian simply shook his head in response. That’s all it took to satisfy him? Heh, what a kid…

What Jason took was the key to a sports car that Fabian had bought a few days ago after a lot of consideration. Although he personally found it too fancy and impractical for his liking, he knew how much Hannah liked it and had planned on giving it to her when she got discharged. However, he changed his mind and decided to give it to Jason instead when he saw how depressed he looked.

“This is the latest Camaro! How did you get your hands on one so soon? Wait a minute… You never liked sports cars, so why did you buy one? Did you perhaps have a change of heart and find them cool now?” Jason asked jokingly when he felt something was amiss.

Fabian wasn’t in the mood for jokes and asked coldly, “Do you want it?”

“Of course, I do! Who wouldn’t want a brand new Camaro? Besides, I only earned this after suffering a great deal, so it only makes sense that I keep it!” Jason said as he quickly put the keys into his pocket.

“What were you and Fabian talking about earlier?” Hannah asked curiously as she couldn’t figure out what he was laughing about.

“Oh, about that? Mmm, it’s a secret!” Helen said with the brightest smile she could put on. There’s no way I would tell her the truth! She’d kill me for sure if she found out!

Naturally, Hannah wasn’t about to let it go that easily. “Tell me the truth, Helen! I’m not joking with you here!”

She even went as far as attempting a carrot-and-stick approach, but Helen refused to spill the beans no matter what. Having run out of tricks, Hannah could only let out a sigh in exasperation.

Meanwhile, Xavier sported a Patek Philippe watch as he gracefully ran his hand through his hair while making his way towards Hannah’s ward, glancing at the pink notebook in his hand every now and then.

The black and white sports attire he put on gave him the look that was full of vigor and vitality as opposed to his usual cold and serious look.

He arrived outside Hannah’s ward shortly after and fixed his perfectly styled hair before knocking on the door with a confident smile on his face.

“Come on in!” Hannah called out casually, thinking Fabian had returned from buying her breakfast.

The door was opened, and Xavier slowly came into view.

“Back already? That was fast, Fabian!” Helen was busy helping Hannah trim her nails that she didn’t know it was Xavier.

Hannah broke out in a cold sweat when she saw him. What’s he doing here? Is he here to pick a fight with Fabian again? Helen, you idiot! Why would you call out to him without even checking first? “Please don’t get the wrong idea, Mr. Jackson! Helen doesn’t know what she’s saying!”

Mr. Jackson? So it isn’t Fabian that came in? Helen quickly turned around, and let out a sigh of relief when she saw the pink notebook in his hand.

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