Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1200

He then made his way to the room, leaving Jason and Helen staring at each other in the corridor outside.

“Hmph! Why would I even want to waste my time and energy bullying her? All I ask is that she stay out of my way!” Jason muttered under his breath.

Helen got mad when she heard what he said and glared angrily at him. Jason was very annoyed with that.

“What are you looking at? Have you never seen a handsome guy like me before? Jason was really infuriated by the glances she had been casting him. First, she looks at me like I’m an idiot, and now she’s staring at me like she wants to pick a fight with me? Just who the hell does she think she is!

“Hmph!” Helen snorted and looked the other way without saying a word.

“I heard you like pink, Ms. Young. That’s a very unique color!” Xavier said with a chuckle. Hannah had been brushing off his questions hastily in hopes that he would leave as soon as possible, preferably before Fabian returned.

Of course, Xavier could see what she was doing, but he wasn’t nervous as he thought this was the perfect time for him to strike.

Looks like it’s time to make my move! I’m coming for you, Hannah! There’s no way you’ll be able to resist my love for you, so just let it blossom and grow in this pink notebook of mine! He tightened his grip on the pink notebook.

“Y-Yeah, exactly! I like it for how unique it is!” Hannah blurted out in a state of panic as she imagined Fabian getting closer to the door of her ward.

“Well, I’ve prepared a little gift for you. It’s pink, so I believe you’ll like it very much.” Xavier said with a smile. Yes! I can feel victory within my grasp!

“Huh? Um… I…” Hannah hesitated over whether or not she should accept his gift.

Fabian would definitely grow suspicious if I were to accept it, but… I don’t know if he’ll even leave if I don’t! Either way, I’ll still be the one to suffer in the end! Screw it, I’ll just accept his gift and hide it somewhere for now!

“Hannah, this gift represents my feelings for you…” Xavier said as he handed her the pink notebook. According to her sister, my chances of success will increase tremendously as long as she accepts this gift!

“All right, I’ll accept your gift.” Hannah mumbled while taking the notebook over from him.

For some reason, Hannah found herself spacing out for a moment when her fingers came in contact with the notebook. Memories of high school flashed past in her head, causing her fingers to tremble slightly.

Xavier was extremely satisfied with her reaction as he thought she was moved by his gift. Oh, Helen. You really are the best form of support I can ever have! I’ll win your sister over in no time!

Hannah on the other hand, was reminded of a painful memory that she wished she had forgotten many years ago.

Why a notebook? And why does it have to be pink? Don’t you know that I hate pink the most? Don’t you know that I’ve ripped up every notebook I came across ever since? Are you doing this on purpose?

She was quite shocked and looked up at Xavier, hoping to get an answer out of him. However, the gleeful expression on his face suggested that he knew nothing at all.

At that moment, the door was opened, and Hannah shifted her gaze towards it instantly.

“Hey, Hannah! I’m back with breakfast!” Fabian said while entering the ward in an attempt to assert his status as Hannah’s man.

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