Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1201

Ah! Hannah immediately withdrew her hand so that Fabian wouldn’t have any misunderstanding toward her.

On the other hand, Xavier was furious. Why would he show up and interrupt every time I wanted to give Hannah some gifts?

When Xavier realized Fabian’s hidden message in his words, he couldn’t help but glance at the queen bed. Did Fabian stay here overnight?

He gritted his teeth furiously once the thought flashed through his mind.

Meanwhile, Fabian chuckled as he saw that Xavier was boiling with rage. Are you angry just because of that? How will you react when you finally realize that everything you do now is actually a trap set up by Helen in advance?

Anyway, you can’t possibly know the truth. Instead, I’m sure you’re even thanking Helen deep in your heart, right? What a shame. Helen didn’t help you.

“Hi, Mr. Jackson. Why are you here so early?” Fabian pretended to be shocked to see him. Besides, he also glanced at Hannah to see her reactions.

Hannah lowered her gaze and dared not meet Fabian’s eyes. Even though she didn’t do anything wrong, she still unknowingly felt guilty about herself.

“Ms. Young, you can keep this,” Xavier ignored Fabian and said to Hannah smilingly.

“Hmm…” Hannah looked up at Fabian, hoping to know what he thought about it. She was ready to reject Xavier’s gift if there was a slight sign of disappointment on his face.

Unexpectedly, Fabian didn’t look disgruntled at all but even put on a faint smile. The smile was short-lived, yet Hannah saw it clearly.

After giving it some thought, Hannah finally made up her mind to accept the notebook from Xavier.

“Oh? Has Mr. Jackson brought a gift for Hannah? Allow me, as her boyfriend, to take a look first,” Fabian said blandly. At the same time, Hannah couldn’t help but feel curious because he was seemingly emotionless and wasn’t angry at all.

As Fabian grabbed the pink notebook from Hannah, he pretended to be shocked and said to Xavier, “Why is it in pink? Mr. Jackson, I think you were careless in choosing the gift. Didn’t you know that Hannah dislikes pink?”

Xavier listened to Fabian carefully but scorned him deep down. Hehe, does Hannah really dislike pink? What a joke! Why don’t you look for a better excuse to find fault with me? Didn’t you see Hannah was surprised to see the gift?

Apparently, Xavier interpreted the shock on Hannah’s face as she was surprised. Also, deep in his heart, he kept complimenting Helen for obtaining the important information for him.

Meanwhile, Hannah was touched. How does Fabian know that I dislike pink? I mean, I rarely show it or tell anyone about it. Could it be that he analyzed it by paying attention to my details?

Ripples of excitement fluttered through her after listening to Fabian. After all, Hannah cared about what Fabian said, no matter it was pleasant or otherwise.

A moment later, Fabian unlocked the notebook and slowly opened it. Hannah was a little worried because she wasn’t sure what was kept inside it. If it’s something about love, will Fabian get angry and fight with him?

Right before Fabian opened the notebook, Xavier swiftly rushed toward him and grabbed it. He also shot a disdainful glance at Fabian. This is my gift for Hannah. Why do you want to be a busybody? How will Hannah be touched by my sincerity if you look at it first? Are you going to sabotage my plan? No way!

“Mr. Norton, since this is my gift for Ms. Young, she certainly should look at it first. So, I’m afraid what you wanted to do was inappropriate,” Xavier asserted coldly.

Fabian seemed not to be offended. Instead, he smiled and waved his hand, gesturing for Hannah to open it.

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