Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1203

Xavier’s eyes widened as he was apparently shocked to see Hannah’s reaction.

Something’s not right! It didn’t turn out as how I thought it would be!  In fact, it’s totally different from what I imagined!

Meanwhile, Fabian was surprised to see Hannah’s reaction as well. He anticipated that Hannah would surely be displeased but didn’t think that she would be that emotional.

He wouldn’t let Hannah look at the notebook if he knew it in the first place.

Then, he sneered and gave Xavier a cold-eyed stare before coming up to Hannah.

Patting Hannah on her back gently, he comforted, “It’s okay. I’m here.”

The dramatic turn of events was way beyond Xavier’s imagination. Aren’t I supposed to make a good impression on Hannah and embarrass Fabian? Why is it upended?

“Hmm… Ms. Young… I…” Xavier stammered. He wished to give her an explanation but wasn’t sure where to start.

Fabian snickered, “Alright. You don’t have to say anything. Now, get out of here.”

Actually, Fabian was impatient toward Xavier. He allowed Xavier to mess with them for so long only because Helen planned to help him by making Hannah repulse Xavier.

On the other hand, Xavier was disgruntled as well. He only realized now that Helen gave him the wrong information to irritate Hannah.

However, he couldn’t understand why Helen would do so. After all, he only extended an olive branch to her and didn’t do anything wrong.

“Did you hear me? Get out of here now.” Fabian yelled at him furiously while hugging Hannah.

Fabian! It must be your doing! How could you be so despicable? Had you ever thought that you might hurt Hannah?

Once Fabian yelled at him, Xavier recollected himself and instantly believed that Fabian set this up.

However, because Hannah looked dejected, he lowered his gaze and said embarrassedly, “Ms. Young, I apologize for being inconsiderate. Please don’t take it to heart.”

“I’m fine. I overreacted because I suddenly recalled some old memories. Anyway, it’s not your fault,” she said blandly. The next moment, Hannah realized that she had unknowingly leaned against Fabian’s chest. She was slightly embarrassed and immediately stood straight.

Deep in her heart, she knew that she overreacted about it, which had nothing to do with Xavier. Nonetheless, that incident was like a permanent scar engraved on her heart. Hence, she couldn’t control her emotions when Xavier brought it up again.

“It was my fault. Ms. Young, you don’t have to find an excuse for me. Anyway, I’ve to get going now. I’ll visit you next time.” Xavier admitted defeat and thought about competing with Fabian again next time.

It was my careless mistake. I was humiliated because you have the cheeks to play dirty tricks to fight over a girl. Nonetheless, there are many opportunities in the future. You can’t win her over with such tricks.

“Humph, I’m glad you admit it. Leave now,” Fabian said impatiently. Although Hannah didn’t wish to blame Xavier for it, Fabian apparently had different thoughts.

Xavier shot a cold glance at Fabian and said, “Mr. Norton, till next time. I believe that only those who are sincere can have true love. Unlike you… Gah!”

Xavier left before he finished. Meanwhile, Hannah pondered over his words as she had many questions in her mind.

What did he mean? Only those who are sincere can have true love? Unlike Fabian? What’s wrong with Fabian? Doesn’t he treat me well? Besides, he kept comforting me when I lost my temper.

Hannah had the feeling that there was more to the matter but couldn’t pinpoint what went wrong.

As Hannah was deep in thought, Fabian said to sound her out, “Hannah, are you okay? What’s wrong with the notebook?”

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