Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1205

“Tsk, I don’t need you to comfort me.” Hannah couldn’t help but glance at him disdainfully, thinking that he valued his pride above all else. You took me to your arms earlier on but claimed now that you weren’t good at comfort others.

“Hannah, I’ll bring you to the garden to fly kites once you’ve recovered,” Winson, who was lying next to Hannah, suddenly said.

Then, he added, “I remember that Mom always said this to me when I cried. I wouldn’t feel upset anymore once I heard it. How about you, Hannah? Do you feel better?”

Hannah was a little nonplussed by the way Winson consoled her but still felt touched. She replied to him with a sweet smile, “I feel a lot better now. We’ll fly kites in the garden together once you’ve recovered.”

Besides, she didn’t forget to shoot a smug and disdainful glance at Fabian. Did you see that? You didn’t console me, but someone will. You’re even worse than a young boy.

Fabian merely smiled in response and didn’t utter a word. Later, he picked up the notebook on the floor and threw it into the dustbin without glancing at it for a second.

On the other hand, Hannah couldn’t help but put on a wry smile as she thought about Xavier, who gifted it to her. What a coincidence that he prepared things that I hated the most. Perhaps God really doesn’t want him to chase after me.

Mr. Jackson, I think we should only be friends. Please don’t blame me but God, for he has played a prank on you.

As Hannah was deep in thought, she unknowingly shrugged her shoulder.

“Damn, when can I go back? I wonder what is happening over there? If they start fighting, will Fabian lose to him?” Meanwhile, Jason was pacing back and forth downstairs in the hospital while murmuring to himself.

Helen felt increasingly dizzy because Jason kept pacing in front of her. As such, she said helplessly, “Can you stop pacing back and forth? Don’t worry about Fabian. He’s not an idiot like you.”

After witnessing the encounter between Fabian and Xavier yesterday, Helen was confident about Fabian’s EQ. Besides, she wasn’t worried about him at all because Hannah would certainly side with him.

“What a heartless woman! Fabian is on the battlefield now, yet you can still feel relaxed. He shouldn’t treat you so well.” The next moment, Jason suddenly realized something and said dissatisfiedly, “Who’s an idiot? You’re the idiot, not me!”

Helen rolled her eyes as she was rendered speechless by the impetuous Jason. Your dim-witted response proved exactly that you’re an idiot.

Suddenly, Helen saw a familiar figure approaching her. She immediately came up to Jason and dragged him to the other side.

“What are you doing? Don’t pull at my clothes!” Jason hit Helen’s hand with disdain to stop her from pulling his clothes and glanced around.

I would be embarrassed if others saw that a young girl dragged me with her!

“Hush!” Helen put her fingers on her lips and said nervously.

Given that she behaved cautiously, Jason knew that she wasn’t joking around. Therefore, he fell silent and slowly looked in the direction where she was glancing at.

“What…” Once Jason realized that it was Xavier, he got emotional and was about to rush toward him.

Nevertheless, Helen didn’t let him go. After all, if he fought with Xavier, all of her efforts would be in vain. Moreover, Hannah might even have a bad impression of Fabian.

As such, Helen covered his mouth firmly to stop him from making any noise.

Jason couldn’t tolerate it and kept resisting her. However, he couldn’t wriggle free from her hands no matter how hard he tried. At this moment, her hands were like two iron clamps that held his mouth forcefully.

He couldn’t help but whine silently. Did she have some pills? Why is she so strong?

Helen’s gaze moved as Xavier was walking.

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