Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1210

When she hung up, the woman turned towards Jason and gave him a frosty look. “I’m busy now, so I won’t stoop to arguing with you. Just mind your manners in the future, or you’ll really suffer for it.”

Having said her piece, the woman turned and stalked away. Jason was left standing where he was, looking after her rather uncertainly.

He clenched his jaw and said through gritted teeth, “You won’t stoop so low as to argue with me? If it wasn’t for Fabian getting me to fetch Uncle Hendrick, I’d hound you for sure! I don’t like to leave things unfinished like this. Let’s see what you’re really capable of then!”

Having ranted thus, Jason, too, turned and continued on his way.

Jason had the crucial task of bringing Uncle Hendrick and Aunt Gillian to the hospital. It was time for Fabian to confess his relationship with Hannah to the Youngs. Otherwise, things could get pretty awkward when it was eventually time for both families to meet.

Back in the VIP hospital room, Helen was leisurely chatting with Fabian. His background, lifestyle, and anything else that sprang to Helen’s mind. Fabian’s life was laid bare on the table, then wickedly dissected by Helen.

Fabian, to his credit, answered each question stoically. Beside them, Hannah merely listened, occasionally laughing along.

Just then, a knock came on the door, followed by a woman’s voice asking, “Can we come in?”

“Sure, come on in,” Helen called towards the door.

The door cracked open as if on command. Hannah strained slightly to catch a glimpse of the visitor. She hadn’t been able to put her finger on who that voice could have belonged to.

“Hey Sis, I’m here to take care of you!” Lyna proclaimed with great gusto as she burst into the room.

Hannah laughed gaily. “I’m honored, Lyna.”

Hannah had always been on good terms with Lyna. Lyna’s visit now to the hospital only further cemented Hannah’s goodwill towards her.

Did she just call Hannah “Sis”? Is this Hannah’s sister from her Blackwood side of the family?

Helen considered Lyna carefully. The latter wore a black lace mini-skirt that exhibited her cream-white legs, along with a pair of white high heels. She’d tied back her long hair into a sweeping ponytail, and the light makeup that she had put on only served to enhance her natural beauty. Altogether, Lyna was a lovely picture to behold.

Helen’s first reaction, however, was a rather snide thought. How does anyone even manage to balance in those heels?

She mentally batted away the thought, however, and said politely, “Hello.”

Startled, Lyna glanced at Helen. Her expression of shock was quickly replaced with a winning smile. “Are you Hannah’s younger sister? You’re so pretty! You could almost be an actress,” Lyna gushed.

The dazzling compliment naturally weakened Helen’s defenses against Lyna. Even though Helen knew that it was largely due to equal parts courtesy and flattery, she couldn’t help but feel delighted, nonetheless.

“You’re too kind! I don’t think there’s much of a difference between you and me, though,” Helen replied demurely.

Lyna scanned the room, her eyes falling upon Fabian. She smiled at him sweetly, saying, “Mr. Norton, it’s good to have you here to take care of Hannah. I won’t have to worry so much about her then.”

Deep down, however, Lyna felt a twinge of bitterness. She’d always had her heart set on marrying Fabian, yet here he was treating another woman with more affection than he had ever displayed towards her. Lyna couldn’t help but resent both of them for it. However, on account of their being sisters, Lyna suppressed her feelings and tried to retain positive feelings towards them.

Lyna thus compelled herself to treat Hannah well out of fear that Fabian might get a bad impression of her. She consoled herself with the thought that there would be time to deal with Hannah once she’d secured Fabian in marriage.

“No need to thank me, Ms. Blackwood. It’s only right that I take care of Hannah,” Fabian answered evenly.

“Oh, by the way…” Helen began but was forcefully interrupted by Hannah. “Lyna, Winson happened to buy two sets of facial masks for me. Would you like one set?”

Baffled, Helen looked at her sister.

Hannah fiercely shot Helen a glance to subdue her.

“Hannah, you’re too kind! I appreciate the thought, but please keep the masks. I still have my own stash of them that I haven’t been able to finish using. It would be greedy for me to take yours as well,” Lyna said.

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