Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1215

Hendrick nodded his head, agreeing fervently. After all, if Hannah had been desperate for riches and glory, she would have promptly signed on the dotted line of Fabian’s contract back then, wouldn’t she?

He couldn’t help but swell with pride at the thought. Good girl! Hendrick thought proudly. I’m glad you’ve got a backbone of your own. They didn’t manage to buy you over!

Observing Hendrick’s features relax soften once more, Fabian inwardly heaved a long sigh of relief. The immensely draining ordeal was over at last.

The Phoenix Group Transfer of Shares Agreement had actually been witnessed by a few of the company’s shareholders. Fabian had had it prepared for if he and Hannah got a divorce. The contract hadn’t quite served its intended purpose but had proven to be unexpectedly useful in the meantime.

As for that consent form, Fabian had taken pains to seek out the help of a hospital staff member. The cherry on top of this delightful fabrication was Hannah’s hospital record. Fabian had had it manufactured by an expert he’d sourced online.

Jason, totally oblivious to Fabian’s machinations, looked at the Youngs’ content faces. All’s well that ends well, I suppose!

“Uncle Hendrick, Aunt Gillian, didn’t I tell you how great Fabian was? Wasn’t I speaking the truth? You’ve seen for yourselves how considerate Fabian is of Hannah. He spent the whole night at the hospital yesterday! He practically moved in to stay,” Jason concluded, beaming.

Jason hadn’t deliberately intended to flatter Fabian or exaggerate. It was a fact that Fabian had always been good to Hannah. Gillian flashed a dazzling smile at Fabian. “Hannah can be rather headstrong at times. Please try to be patient with her.”

Neither Hendrick nor Gillian was able to sufficiently express the joy they felt at that moment. Hannah’s impending marriage had always loomed over their heads. The Youngs agonized as they watched Hannah mature into a beautiful woman with no obvious intentions of settling down. Now, however, they could repose in the fact that Hannah was finally married, and to a man like Fabian who evidently cared a great deal for her.

Fabian’s apparent love for Hannah sealed Hendrick’s approval. Hendrick proclaimed heartily, “Young man, you have my blessing. Let’s arrange for a meeting between your parents and ourselves to discuss the wedding then.”

Hendrick had clearly accepted Fabian into the Young family fold. His attitude towards Fabian now resembled that of a kind, fatherly figure imparting wisdom to his son.

Hendrick then paused briefly and asked with some misgiving, “Does your family know that you’ve gotten married?”

He’d heard all about the deep-rooted prejudice that wealthy families had against those they deemed beneath them. If the Norton family ruled that Hannah was incompatible with Fabian, they would never permit both of them to marry. Hendrick resolved never to let Hannah marry into the Norton family if that were the case, remaining fiercely protective of his daughter.

“Don’t worry. A few days after we signed the marriage papers, I told my Mom about it. She’s already met Hannah, actually. Mom’s even handed down an heirloom bracelet to Hannah,” Fabian informed Hendrick matter-of-factly.

Fabian had already guessed the reason for Hendrick’s consternation. Fabian had thus specially tailored the story of his mother’s heirloom to allay Hendrick’s fears.

“Fantastic. That’s fantastic,” Hendrick exclaimed with visible relief as if he had just been delivered from a terrible affliction. What was I thinking? Could unreasonable parents even have been able to raise a gentleman like Fabian?

“I must first tell you something though,” Fabian added.

“Oh? What is it?” Hendrick could feel his emotions rapidly stirring up in a tumult once more.

Fabian looked at Hendrick’s anxious face, then laughed. “It isn’t that big of a big deal. It’s about me, actually. I’m afraid that my identity may be a source of unnecessary trouble for Hannah. I’d thus like to plead with you both to keep my relationship with her a secret for now. We’ll naturally announce it when we’ve gotten officially married,” Fabian said confidingly.

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