Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1219

Hannah had wanted to admonish Helen ages ago, but she gave up doing so since Helen was blinded by rage and wouldn’t listen to her. Now, however, the situation didn’t allow anymore tarrying. If I don’t talk her down the ledge, the durian will certainly remain a durian, yet I can’t say the same about Jason!

Spurred into action, she rebuked Helen loudly, “That’s enough, Helen! Stop messing around!”

“No way! I’ve got to teach this despicable guy a lesson for laughing at me!” Disregarding Hannah’s admonishment, Helen lifted the durian to catapult it at Jason.

At that precise moment, Winson was again awakened by their argument. Rubbing his groggy eyes, he looked over to the two of them.

“W-What is this about me laughing at you when I came in the door? I don’t get it!” Jason roared at the top of his lungs. He truly couldn’t figure out why she was throwing such a tantrum at him for no reason. I didn’t do anything to provoke her, so why is she targeting me?

“You know full well what you saw when you came in!” Helen just wouldn’t believe that he wasn’t making fun of her.

“What did I see? I-I hadn’t even gathered my wits about me when I came in, and you had already started hurling fruits at me!” Jason lamented pitifully and pretended to dab at his eyes from time to time.

“If you didn’t see anything, why were you smirking?” Helen demanded. I just want to see how long he can keep up this pretense!

“Why was I smirking?” I finally got a bargaining chip to use with you after expending much effort, so I triumphantly snickered for a bit. Do you have to overreact like this?

Finally, he relented and answered in exasperation, “I learned something about Hannah, so I was happy for her. For that reason, I smiled at Hannah. I didn’t smile at you, so why are you taking things so far?”

Hmph! What a nice story! Well, continue making up stories. I’ll just wait and see what kind of interesting story you can concoct!

Helen naturally didn’t believe him, and she declared loudly, “Alright, then. I’ll give you a chance to defend yourself. Well? Tell me what you learned about my sister! If you can’t tell me anything, I’ll heave this at you!”

As she said that, she again brandished the durian in her hand.

“I… I…” Jason stammered for a long time without uttering a complete sentence even as resentment inundated him. I’ve finally gotten a piece of explosive information after digging for so long and came over happily to use it as a bargaining chip, but never had I thought that such a thing would happen!

“Well? You don’t have anything to say, yes? I’ll kill you…” Helen gazed at him with a sneer on her face as she grew all the more certain of her conjecture.

Before she had finished speaking, Jason cut her off. “Okay, fine. I’ll talk!”

He was very much reluctant to do so, but at the sight of the durian lifted high over her head, he had no other recourse. For the sake of my safety, I’ve got to say it no matter how disinclined I am to do so!

Lowering his head, he unlocked his cell phone. Then, he dragged his feet over to Helen like a deflated balloon.

“Okay, that’s enough. Put the durian down so that you’re not leading Winson astray,” Hannah huffed just then. I’m also at my wits’ end with this audacious and mischievous sister of mine!

As Helen looked at Jason’s expression that was dour as though he had just lost his entire fortune, she inwardly mused, Perhaps he truly isn’t lying. Then, she swung her gaze at Winson, only to see him staring at her with widened eyes. Only then did she finally concur and place the durian down.

“Everything is in my cell phone, so take a look at it yourself.” Jason handed her the cell phone while looking all miserable.

All at once, Helen snatched it from his hand before glancing at it nonchalantly. She truly didn’t believe that there was still something else that would have him grinning so widely if he weren’t laughing at her.

Hmph! You’ll be done for if I don’t laugh after looking at it! As her thoughts went in that direction, her hand tightened a fraction on the durian.

Unbidden, a thud sounded in the next moment. The durian slipped from her hands and smashed onto the ground, causing a crack to appear at once.

“T-T-This is impossible! Are you trying to dupe me?” Helen questioned Jason incredulously, her eyes widening as she stared at his cell phone. She was incredibly excited, so much so that even her voice carried a hint of joy.

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