Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1221

“Job description: the deputy general manager of Phoenix Group.”

Ah, so this is why! I was just wondering why Jason asked me the name of Fabian’s company. It turns out that the people who weaved this lie actually gave me a post in Fabian’s company. Ah well, that can’t be helped since his company is renowned!

Hmm… deputy general manager, huh? Not bad, but I think they should have given me the post of the vice president instead. Otherwise, how could I possibly have two hundred million? It looks like they made a mistake here…

Huh? Wait a minute! What company was it again? Phoenix Group? Could it be that Fabian actually…

As she was contemplating that matter, Jason’s voice drifted into her ears. “You can look further. There’s even a video clip at the back.”

Upon hearing that, Hannah quickly scrolled further on and clicked on the play button to start playing the video clip.

Helen didn’t notice the video clip when she was looking through the cell phone earlier, so she now leaned close to Hannah to watch it with her. “Wow! Fabian is so handsome!” Helen exclaimed loudly.

Conversely, Hannah’s expression suddenly turned solemn, and she asked Jason, “This two hundred million is for real?”

In response, Jason nodded wryly. “Of course, it is.”

“But I don’t have two hundred million!” Hannah hastily countered.

Smacking his lips, Jason then retorted, “Not only do you have two hundred million, but you might even have up to billions!”

“Huh? When did my sister become so rich?” Helen gaped at Hannah even as a predatory look manifested on her face, and she almost salivated.

“I don’t have that amount of money!” Hannah swiftly shook her face with an innocent expression.

“Well, Fabian’s company is worth more than ten billion!” Jason riposted indignantly.

“But I don’t have money,” Hannah argued.

“You’ve got him instead!” Jason appeared a tad impatient at that point.

“That’s right!” Helen seconded.

Hannah, however, nodded thoughtfully before again shaking her head in the next moment.

Hmm? That’s not right!

All of a sudden, realization dawned, and she abruptly got what he meant. Her mouth dropped open in astonishment. “You’re saying that Fabian donated two hundred million in my name?”

“Yup! Otherwise… Otherwise, why would I have come over to look for you in such high spirits?” Jason affirmed even as he threw Helen an aggrieved look.

Uh… It looks as though he truly came over to share this news with us, so I-I seem to have misunderstood him.

Glancing at him in slight embarrassment, Helen sheepishly murmured, “Uh… Jason, it seems that I’ve misunderstood you, so please don’t take it to heart.”

“Hmph!” There was still lingering anger within Jason despite her apology. She hurled fruits at me, relegating me to a pathetic state, so how could she just wipe the slate clean with a mere apology? If I truly let it go just like this, what would others think about me?

“What about this?” he growled at her as he pointed at his head that was hit earlier.

“Um…” Knowing that she was in the wrong in that matter, Helen promptly stretched out her petite hand and gently massaged his head while flashing him a sweet smile. “Jason, I didn’t know better and hurt you, but you won’t take offense at me, yes? Besides, I didn’t know about it, did I? I thought you were making fun of me.”

“Hmph!” Jason harrumphed coldly. Despite his unyielding manner outwardly, he was actually over the moon at her mortified expression.

Weren’t you even planning to lob a durian at me just now? What’s with the humble expression now?

“Well, I can forgive you, but you’ve got to promise me something.” Lifting his head, Jason stared at her while negotiating terms with her.

Now that I’ve told her about Fabian donating money in Hannah’s name, I naturally can’t use that as a bargaining chip anymore. However, I can seize this opportunity to blackmail her since she has misunderstood me!

“Huh? What are your terms?” Helen hastily queried instead of agreeing right away. I’ve always been at odds with him, so I’ll be on the losing end if he were to ask for something ridiculous!

“This shouldn’t be too difficult for you.” Jason was already wearing a sly smile then. At that sight, Helen inwardly cursed him out. If it weren’t for the fact that I wronged him, I would’ve long since strode up and slapped him twice across the face!

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