Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1222

“In the future, you’ve got to respectfully address me as Jason instead of calling me by my full name and prioritize me in everything,” Jason stated mildly as he looked at Helen.

In fact, he even wanted to add on to that, but on second thought, he decided not to go too far. If I antagonize her because of that, it won’t do me any good either. In that case, I won’t recoup any of my losses!

Utter irritation swamped Helen at his demand. But I did went overboard earlier, so it’ll seem rather unreasonable if I don’t agree. Gritting her teeth, she thought, Fine, I’ll just address him respectfully. He’s older than me anyway, so I won’t lose anything. As for prioritizing him… we’ll see how it goes.

“Well… okay!”

Exhilaration inundated Jason the moment he heard that. At the thought of her having to address him respectfully when she saw him in the future, he couldn’t help feeling smug. Ah, all the pelting I suffered hadn’t been in vain, after all!

Helen, on the other hand, wore an expression of defeat and was feeling exceedingly chagrined.

“When did this happen?” Hannah asked Jason at that time after having snapped out of her astonishment.

“Huh? I’ve forgotten when exactly it was, but the date is written there,” Jason answered smilingly, still looking very much proud of his own brilliance.

However, a trace of suspicion crept into Hannah when she glimpsed the date there.

Hmm? It was something recent? Why didn’t I know about that?

At the same time, she inwardly chastised Fabian. Why didn’t you tell me anything about this? If it weren’t for Jason, I would still be in the dark right now.

“Do you know why he donated to charity in my name?” she then inquired of Jason.

She couldn’t quite understand his motives. If he merely wants to donate to charity, why didn’t he do so in his own name? Why must he go to the trouble of using mine? But if it’s for some other reason, why didn’t he tell me? This isn’t anything bad.

“I’m not quite sure about this. Maybe he wanted to propel you into the limelight?” Jason replied with his gaze on her even as his lips curved into a smile. “Speaking of that, Fabian is really generous to donate two hundred million all at once.”

Nevertheless, bitterness subsequently blanketed Hannah’s face. What on earth is Fabian Norton doing? I’ve finally been promoted with an increase in pay and could finish paying him back the money I owe him earlier, but look what has happened now. I now owe him another two hundred million! Argh! I really don’t know how long it’ll take me to pay him back. Judging from my current financial capability, it’ll take me a few centuries even if I don’t eat or drink! Ugh! It seems that I’m destined to owe him in this lifetime!

She couldn’t help heaving a sigh inwardly.

When Helen noticed her sister’s silence and the lack of happiness on her face, she was baffled. This is a good thing, so why I do feel as though she has turned a touch downcast instead?

She was just about to blurt out that question as she stared at her sister, but the click of the door opening cut her off.

“I’m back, Hannah! How could there be no one here when you’re sick now?” A cheerful female voice resonated in Hannah’s hospital room.

It went without saying the person who barged in was Lyna who had gone out to eat just now. And following behind her was Felicia. As for Leo, he was busy with his own matters, so he didn’t come over again.

Felicia seemed to be feeling a tad guilty about having kicked Hannah out of the family back then, and she treated her very well. While she didn’t say anything of the sort, she came to visit her at the hospital whenever she had time while also bringing a lot of supplements.

Unbidden, a trace of delight showed on Hannah’s face, for she had actually never expected Lyna to be so good to her. She beamed brightly.

Before she had even said anything, Jason, who was at the side, blurted ahead of her, “Why are you here?”

Jason had been wondering who would be coming to visit Hannah when he heard the voice. But when he lifted his eyes, he was greeted by a stunningly beautiful woman who had argued with him downstairs that morning.

Hannah’s curiosity was piqued upon seeing Jason’s intense reaction. Hmm? Is he acquainted with Lyna? Don’t tell me there’s bad blood between them?

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