Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1224

Upon hearing that, Fabian hastily concurred, “Yes, yes, you’re right. I won’t do it again. Never again will I ever do that again.”

If Hannah were to see Fabian at that very moment, she would definitely tease him. After all, no one knew that the man, who remained high and mighty wherever he went, would have such a timid side to him.

After they had talked for a bit, Heather asked, “Why didn’t that daughter-in-law of mine come with you this time?”

When Fabian glimpsed a flash of irritation on his mother’s face, he hurriedly explained, “Hannah… Hannah has been hospitalized, and she doesn’t know about me coming back either.”

“Huh? Hospitalized? What happened?” Heather promptly demanded. Although she didn’t quite like Hannah as a daughter-in-law back then, she couldn’t outstubborn her son. Now, however, she had acknowledged her as her daughter-in-law and even given her the family heirloom bracelet.

A burst of joy infused Fabian when he noticed the concern on his mother’s face, and he was naturally elated that the two most important people in his life were getting along well. Subsequently, he told her about everything that had happened to Hannah in the past two days.

“Never had I expected that this daughter-in-law of mine is actually descendent of the Blackwood family.” Heather couldn’t help sighing after listening to him, making it evident that she was indeed aware of the incident regarding the Blackwood family that had spread through the city like wildfire back then.

“Yeah, I was very surprised as well. I only knew about it when Leo Blackwood sought Hannah out.”

Heather shook her head even as she asserted, “Her family background won’t change a thing, I won’t object to it as long as you like her.”

When Fabian heard that, a weight was instantly lifted off his shoulders. Honestly speaking, he was afraid that his mother would be bothered about Hannah’s identity.

“You’re such a wise woman, Mom!” he lauded at once.

“Okay, that’s enough. Stop trying to butter me up. You’re making me sound as though I was an imbecile in the past.”

In truth, Heather was very glad that Phoenix Group had become the leading business entity in the country under her son’s meticulous management. Many of their businesses were linked to the government, so they naturally didn’t need a political marriage to consolidate their position.

Of course, it’ll be the icing on the cake if Fabian marries someone of similar social standing, but it’s also good for him to marry someone who makes him happy. After all, it’ll be his reward for being so smart and capable!

Abruptly changing the subject, Heather asked, “Oh yes, have you notified Hannah’s family? You can’t drag your feet on this matter anymore.”

He’s not young anymore, and the Norton family is quite a prominent family, so I’m rather embarrassed to always have a certain question directed at me. Plus, tons of people want to marry into the Norton family. Every single day, ladies from one family or other seek me out and promote their daughters in front of me, giving me a pounding headache!

Chuckling, Fabian replied, “Mom, I came back this time to discuss this exact matter with you. I’ve already talked to Hannah’s parents, so the only thing left is having the two families meet.”

“Hmph! What’s so great about you, snotty kid? If it weren’t for the fact that I didn’t want to arouse Hannah’s suspicions, I would’ve hauled you over the coals and taught you a lesson!” Lyna groused as soon as she left Hannah’s hospital room, making it clear as day that she was exceedingly pissed off with Jason.

“Okay, that’s enough. There’s no need to get angry over a kid,” Felicia mollified beside her.

“Mom, do you think Fabian’s mother will suddenly change her mind? The marriage between us was decided by the two of you more than a year ago, after all, and it hadn’t been brought up again in such a long time. Could it be that she has already forgotten about it?” Lyna questioned in a diffident tone.

In reality, her outstanding beauty wasn’t the only reason she was so certain that she would be Fabian’s woman. Most importantly, it was because her mother once had an agreement with his mother to have them join hands in marriage.

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