Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1226

After answering Winson, Hannah shifted her gaze to Fabian. “Right?”

Upon hearing that, Fabian mulled it over for a moment. Hannah’s mother’s hometown isn’t far from here, and it’ll take about two hours by car. Since they’re both so eager, I’ll just bring them there today itself. Anyway, they’re almost fully recovered.

“Of course. If you two want to go, I can bring you there today,” he assured the two people, whose eyes were gleaming with anticipation.

“Really? Yay! When are we setting out?” Hannah exclaimed happily, not looking the slightest bit sick anymore.

In truth, she had wanted to visit the place a long time ago. When her brother had first described it to her, she had fervently hoped that they would recover quickly. And today, her wish had finally come true.

“I want to go, too!” Helen, who was at the side, immediately chimed in out of fear that her sister would leave her behind.

“Me, too!” Jason interjected, not wanting to be left out.

“Alright, we’ll all go. We’ll set out after lunch,” Fabian proclaimed smilingly as he looked at them. At the same time, mild curiosity bubbled within him. Is Hannah’s mother’s hometown really as great as Winson described? Or was it merely his imagination after hearing about it from his mother?

Meanwhile, at the dining table in Blackwood Residence’s dining room, Lyna started a conversation with Leo who was eating.

“Dad, I’d like you to negotiate a marriage for me.”

The moment Leo heard his, he almost choked. After coughing a few times, he asked, “A marriage? You’ve got a boyfriend? Why didn’t I know that? And do you really know everything about him? What’s his identity? And don’t you think you’re going too fast?”

“You’ve always been busy with your business, so how would you have the time to pay attention to this daughter of yours? You’ve finally got some time now, but you’re spending it all on your son! Hmph! At times, I even wonder if I’m truly your biological daughter!” Lyna griped huffily without answering a single question out of the volley of questions.

In the face of her complaint, Leo knew that he hadn’t got a leg to stand on since he had indeed shown her little concern. However, he was adept at sweet talk to mollify his daughter after having experienced much of life. “Well, I’m indeed at fault in this matter. I’ve been so focused on making more money for your dowry that I neglected other aspects. Don’t take offense at me, okay?”

“Hmph! You’re all talk!” Lyna groused, pouting. Then, she went back to business. “Actually, the marriage I want you to negotiate for me is with Fabian Norton, the president of Phoenix Group.”

“What? Fabian Norton?” Leo was greatly stunned upon hearing that, and he was at a complete loss as to when his daughter had gotten together with Fabian.

“What’s with the extreme reaction?” Lyna huffed in chagrin when she saw his reaction.

“How could it be him?” Leo couldn’t shake off the feeling that Fabian’s relationship with his youngest daughter, Hannah, was that of an intimate nature. While they both denied it and claimed that they were merely friends, he felt that it was a blatant lie. Thus, he didn’t believe that at all.

“Why not? Our daughter is already grown up, yet you don’t even spare her any mind. Aren’t you afraid that she’ll stay a spinster forever?” Felicia was aggravated upon recalling how she had busted her ass to cinch the marriage between Lyna and Fabian, yet Leo had never shown the slightest bit of concern.

“Hah! Lyna would never be a spinster when she’s such a beauty! That’s a groundless fear!” Leo, however, felt that everything Felicia had been doing was superfluous. Considering Lyna’s beauty and family background, finding someone with a similar social standing is certainly no problem if she isn’t aiming to marry above her station!

“Hmph! That’s you! You’re all talk! Am I not doing all this so that Lyna can have a better match? I’ve bustled about for a long time and expended all my saliva to talk Fabian Norton’s mother into agreeing to this marriage. If you’re unwilling to go, I’ll go by myself!”

In the face of Leo’s attitude, utter frustration seized Felicia. I’ve done all the legwork, and the only thing left now is to bring it up again, yet he’s not willing to go! Fine, then! I’ll go myself!

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