Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1227

“Well, we…” Leo stopped abruptly when’s he realized what she meant. “What did you say? Fabian’s mother agreed to the marriage?”

His jaw hung open in surprise at the sudden good news.

“Of course. If Fabian’s mother didn’t agree to the marriage, I wouldn’t have asked you to go to her to discuss the marriage,” answered Felicia exasperatedly.

A wicked gleam appeared in Leo’s eyes. He narrowed his gaze and started calculating the possibility of cooperation with Phoenix Group. If Fabian becomes my son-in-law, my company will expand swiftly!

“Will you come with me or not? If you won’t, I’ll go there alone. But if you don’t show up, Fabian will think you look down on him. He won’t help your company.”

Felicia knew what Leo was planning, so she said that on purpose.

“Of course I will go. I can do anything for my daughter’s happiness,” Leo announced as though he was doing it for Lyna’s sake.

After their meal, the driver was already waiting for Fabian downstairs as per his order.

Fabian had ordered his driver to drive his Lincoln limousine as there were five of them. Hannah and Winson had just recovered, so they would feel comfortable in the limousine.

Soon, Fabian walked out of the hospital with Hannah and the others behind him. Both Hannah and Winson had changed out of their hospital gowns and were wearing their own clothes. They seemed to be in great spirits.

“Get in,” said Fabian as he opened the car door like the gentleman he was.

Meanwhile, Felicia arrived at the Norton Residence and told the butler, “We’re here for Mrs. Norton. We’re her friends.”

“Alright. Let me inform her,” came the butler’s polite reply.

Felicia flashed a smile and nodded. Both she and Leo waited at the door quietly. As they were here to discuss Fabian and Lyna’s marriage, Lyna’s presence would be awkward. Hence, she stayed at home and waited anxiously for her parents to return with good news.

“Please come with me.” Soon, the butler returned and led them in.

This was the first time Leo had ever stepped into the Norton Residence. He was in awe to realize that the Norton family was far more influential than the Blackwood family. The interior of the villa was so luxurious.

Felicia grinned upon seeing Leo’s dumbstruck expression. She didn’t tell him that she had the same reaction during her first trip here. Initially, she thought she was wealthy enough, but this family’s wealth had exceeded her expectations.

However, none of them were envious of what they saw. Instead, the more capable the Norton family was, the more excited they were. After all, their daughter was about to marry into the Norton family.

When they entered the living room, they saw a lady preparing tea calmly on the couch.

Leo scrutinized her carefully. This must be Fabian’s mother, my future in-law.

“Mrs. Norton, are you doing well?” Felicia greeted her with a warm smile.

“Oh, Felicia. I haven’t seen you in a while. Come, have a seat. Try some of this tea.” Heather ushered them in while her gaze landed on Leo doubtfully.

“This is my husband, Leo Blackwood,” Felicia immediately introduced her husband to Heather.

“Hello, Mrs. Norton. I’m Leo Blackwood. Felicia often talked about you at home. It’s my pleasure to meet you today.” Leo was an experienced businessman who could flatter anyone he wanted to.

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